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Les Cascades d'Imouzzer

Les Cascades d'Imouzzer

A gauche, la grande chute, alimentée au printemps, et à droite la petite, dont l'eau subsiste en règle générale jusqu'en août

But d'excursion

But d'excursion

Apprécié des autochtones comme des visiteurs étrangers



Visiteurs contemplant la beauté des lieux

Halte de midi

Halte de midi

A l'Hôtel des Cascades à Imouzzer

En route vers Wim Tindouine

En route vers Wim Tindouine

Un paysage intact d'une beauté absolue

Imouzzer waterfalls: spectacle and freshness


​60 km northeast of Agadir, the Imouzzer waterfalls enjoy a strong reputation in Morocco. Gushing water is indeed very rare in the south of the Kingdom. Born from springs appearing just above, these Cascades are highly appreciated for their freshness and the spectacle they create, especially in spring.

From May-June, however, the flow of the most abundant fall begins to dry up. The show is only seasonal!


At half past one


We are here in the heart of Berber country. Imouzzer also means "waterfall" in the language of the Imazighen (free men). You get there from Agadir along the ocean towards Essaouira, to Aourir, whose crossing, which was somewhat chaotic, has become very fast. Nevertheless,as shown on the Google Maps below, it can be accessed more directly from the Jardin aux Etoiles, via Amskroud, in around 1 hour 30 minutes.



Arrived at the Cascades car park, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, you will be welcomed by local guides. This is their only activity, the region being far from Agadir. These Berbers will be happy to accompany you for a few dozen dirhams. You can of course also refuse this service (clearly, but kindly). On the way back, parking is chargeable.


Rubbish that disfigures


The Cascades are located a five-minute walk away, which is best done through the small forest overlooking the car park, if you are looking for shade. There are comments on the Internet in German deploring the rubbish that makes the surroundings ugly. This information corresponds to reality. But they probably emanate from people having left the haven of luxury of their hotel for the first time... Imouzzer is unfortunately in the image of a deplorable situation that one too often encounters in Morocco, despite the efforts made by the protectors of the environment.


The Cascades themselves are clean, according to the observations we were able to make on site. They consist of two different groups of falls. The group on the left has polished the stone over millennia and is drying up the fastest. The flow of the second is the most abundant and only decreases in May or June, depending on the year. A third waterfall, which receives water from the first two, has formed below.


Small pools allow those who want to frolic there. Others prefer to contemplate the spectacle offered by nature on the rocks surrounding the falls.


Three successive visits possible


If you choose to access the Cascades via Aourir, the palm groves give way to mountainous folds rich in argan trees, acacias, holm oaks, junipers, lavender, doum palms and medicinal plants. We then rub shoulders with the Valley of Paradise, which still lives on the memory of Jimi Hendrix and the hippie period of the 60s and 70s. The Vallée du Paradis constitutes an excursion goal in itself, which can be combined or not with the Imouzzer waterfalls, then with the natural swimming pool of Win-Tindouine. 


We recommend making these three visits one after the other, as part of a busy day, which should start early by leaving your rental riad in the early morning. The most practical and flexible formula is to use your own vehicle. You can also fall back on a package with a tour operator like Sahara Tour, departing from Agadir. The information published on this site, however, allows you to manage on your own.


In 1 hour and a half from the Jardin aux Etoiles, taking one of the two direct paths
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     Good plan

Noon at the Hôtel des Cascades and afternoon atWin Timdouine

The best way to organize your day from your rental riad including the Cascades of Imouzzer is to plan lunch at the Hôtel des Cascades, then return to the Jardin aux Etoiles via Amskroud, adding in passing the discovery of the delicious Win-Timdouine natural swimming pool.

From the Cascades, the village of Imouzzer is accessible by a road built in 1930 which leads approximately 200 meters above the basins. Until then, this small town was completely isolated from the world. Contrary to more than exaggerated assertions, this rather dilapidated village is far from being beautiful. However, it is famous for its Thursday market. The Hôtel des Cascades can be reached by driving to the eastern end of the village. 


The Cascades Hotel is worth by its luxuriant vegetation which ensures a benefactor source, as well as by its situation. The vast and shaded terrace dominates the whole region and offers a breathtaking panoramic view. Honest cuisine, nothing more. Friendly service.


If we then take the direction of Amskroud, the landscape and the vegetation continue to be magnificent. At the end of the descent which leads to a first plain, take the road to Win-Timdouine. In about 20 minutes, you reach this unique site, the description of which can be read onthe page we dedicate to him. Return to the Jardin aux Etoiles in an hour. Your day will have been rich in images of the nature of the Atlas and as exotic as possible!


The land where the honey flows...

The Imouzzer region, also called Imouzzer Ida Outanane, is a beekeeping region par excellence. It produces honey considered the best in Morocco. Its taste of thyme, results from an exceptional melliferous mountain flora. There is also orange tree honey as well as, in the very tonic range, that of the palm tree. 


Annual production is estimated at around 120 tonnes. This typical local product plays an important role in the local economy. On the way from Aourir to Imouzzer, several stalls, usually linked to a café-restaurant, are just waiting for your visit. 


At the beginning of July takes place every year at Imouzzer la Fête du miel, friendly meeting between local population and tourists, intended to demonstrate the potential available to the region, to sell this product and finally raise visitors' awareness of the preservation of apiaries and the environment in general.


For his part,the Inzerki apiary has the reputation of being the largest collective apiary in the world.It can be reached in almost an hour and 40 minutes from Imouzzer. We recommend spending a whole day there, starting from the Jardin aux Etoiles.

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1 hour 40 to get to the apiary from Imouzzer
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