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Un musée avec boutique, mais aussi un restaurant, une école de cuisine, des randonnées.

Argan et produits du terroir

Argan et produits du terroir

L'huile et ses dérivés.

Une grande modernité

Une grande modernité

Un Centre Targant et Musée de l'argan aux lignes pures.

Présentation très actuelle

Présentation très actuelle

Essaouira, Taroudant, Tiznit : là où pousse l'arganier.

Organic plant garden


Here is a magnificent museum, quite unique, because it is modern in its architecture and at the same time the only one to explain and highlight a very ancient culture, that of the argan tree, from which argan oil is extracted.  Opened in 2022 on the heights of the Taghazout Bay resort, theTargant Center and Argan Museum is reachable ina quarter past one from the Garden of Stars. We recommend visiting it, both forthe multisensory experience that he proposes only for thegood quality of its restaurant.

Argan Museum named Targant in Taghazout Bay

Entering premises dedicated to the announced multisensory experience, the visitor is hooked by the force of contemporary technology: video screens, holograms (see our video below), video wall, participatory interactivity. 

Thus are presented the multiple dimensions of the argan tree, this emblematic tree which grows endemic nowhere else in the world than inside the golden triangle located betweenEssaouira, the city ofTaroudant and the city ofTiznit. The visitor is confronted with the landscape and botanical power of the argan tree, the culinary and cosmetic uses of the oil, but also the agricultural, beekeeping and livestock dimensions, without omitting the social and cultural components. The fragility of this threatened heritage, registered with UNESCO, is explained, in order to mobilize all the actors for its preservation, for example within the framework of theSouss Massa Biosphere Reserve.

The role of women in the millennial survival of argan


The guest of the museum then arrives in a production workshop in which several women work in Berber costume in the process of producing argan oil. The almonds extracted from the fruits are pressed using a stone lathe. The central role of women in the millennial survival of argan is rightly highlighted. We also discover how current industrial production is carried out, which takes place under impeccable hygienic conditions. 


The visit continues in a space for tasting and advice on skin treatment, then in a shop that markets a number of products made from argan. Finally comes the culinary area: a restaurant with a very modern decor and a more relaxed interior courtyard (see below).


Entrance fee: 110 dirhams (11 euros), an unusually high amount - but we are in Taghazout Bay - giving the right to a visit commented by a young friendly guide. Our advice: the visit is quite short and will be all the more profitable if you stop in detail in front of each presentation, the density of which is great.


The Argan Museum is open every day, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., in thetops of Taghazout Bay. Phone number:+212 661 087 373. Email Address The website is licked.

The Argan Museum is open every day, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., in theheights of Taghazout Bay.
Telephone number:+212 661 087 373.
Email Address 
The website is licked.


Ancre 1
A table of good quality, but...
Delicious dessert
Spectacular, isn't it?
Chief Wahid Gour.


Signed Wahid Gour


The restaurant at the Targant Center and Argan Museum is stunning! Indeed, in the context of a museum, one does not expect to find a table of such good quality.

The menu was created by the chef, very well known in Morocco, named Wahid Gour (picture above). Argan and argan oil are celebrated as they should be, as are local products. From excellent appetizers to desserts, from cocktails to dishes, the fragrance of argan wriggles in the mouth, without excess. Fish and seafood are logically there.  The chicken supreme with seasonal vegetables, however, deviates from this line of conduct (our photos). No alcoholic beverages. However, you can bring your wine or beer by being discreet, while ordering mineral water at the restaurant.

We are told that the start would still be delicious, but that the dishes would be less good, less well cooked and less well seasoned since the chef left the premises, at the end of a six-month mandate to launch this restaurant.  

The service is very friendly, but insufficiently attentive. A control operation by Wahid Gour is essential!

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​Aa little over an hour from the Jardin aux Etoiles by the expressway.
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