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Le sable et la mer

Le sable et la mer

Et l'immensité...

En surplomb

En surplomb

Les dunes dominent la mer de plusieurs dizaines de mètres.

Petits rochers et végétation

Petits rochers et végétation

L'accès aux dunes nécessite de bons souliers !

Tajine dans le sable

Tajine dans le sable

Un repas se prépare...

Repas de tajines

Repas de tajines

Préparé par un des opérateurs auxquels on peut s'adresser.

Côté Atlas

Côté Atlas

Les dunes de Taboga sont adossées à la montagne.

Taboga sand dunes near Tamri (Ait Amr)


​It is a small Sahara 68 km from Agadir and which is reached bya little less than two hours from the Jardin aux Etoiles. The Taboga sand dunes are located just after the locality ofTamri (Ait Amr in Berber) famous for its beldi bananas, on the National road 1 which leads toEssaouira. These dunes, also called Timlalin, have the particularity of overhanging the Atlantic, hence their unique and spectacular character.


According to Google Maps, it takes three hours to drive from the Jardin aux Etoiles to the Taboga dunes, near Tamri (Ait Amr).


Near the finish, you have to overtake Tamri (Ait Amr). Always on the National Road 1, and drive another three or four kilometres. The dunes are on your left. It is quite easy to find places to park, although the place is not organized from a tourist point of view. It is still wild, which adds to its charm.

The dunes are not wheelchair accessible. They are also not recommended for people with back or heart problems. Good shoes are necessary. We advise not to climb on the dunes in front, but rather to go around them, which will avoid you surprises of getting stuck.

The minimum hike through the dunes takes about twenty minutes. The beauty of the site will undoubtedly encourage you to devote much more time to it. To enjoy a picnic taken from the bag, to indulge in a few pranks or, why not, to meditate there facing the immensity.


The visitor will perhaps discover a group of bald ibises, which form here,as well as at the mouth of the wadi Massa and more, in the south, in Aglou, their last colony in the world.


Another activity has developed on these dunes. It is a version, adapted to the sand, of the snowboard, used, as its name suggests, on the snow. The descent is carried out in search of a balance found... more or less quickly. More than a sport, it is a fun attraction. Several of the operators mentioned below offer it.

We should also point out, for the benefit of ski enthusiasts, theTamri spot (Ait Amr) very close which allows you to surf on the water and which, in this case, captures more swell than the spots closer to Agadir.


Taboga dunes excursion organizers, sometimes combined with other discoveries: 

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