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Organic plant garden
Pélargonium ou géranium

Pélargonium ou géranium

Des champs si beaux que l'exploitant du Jardin de Jacky hésite à les couper...

Champ de sauge

Champ de sauge

Entre deux haies d'orangers sauvages, appelés aussi bigaradiers, et dont les boutons sont utilisés en infusion



Une plante aux vertus remarquables, tant en cuisine qu'en phytothérapie

Séchage naturel

Séchage naturel

Les feuilles de sauge sont séchées dans des serres

Le Jardin de Jacky, growing organic plants

Half an hour from the Jardin aux Etoiles, let's visit a charming and interesting organic plant culture! Placed under a dual Moroccan and Swiss brand, the Jardin de Jacky is located at the exit of Biougra, on the Aït Melloul side. The Souss plain around your riad for rent is called the orchard of Morocco. And this is not an empty slogan! At Jacky's Garden, vegetables and fruits, but also plants such as mint, thyme and sage benefit from an omnipresent sun, a climate that is always warm or temperate, as well as favorable soil.

The owner of Jardin de Jacky in Morocco is called Larbi Rada. Notify him in advance of your visit, claiming to be from the Jardin aux Etoiles. He will welcome you!See the "Good plan" below.


From sage to bitter orange


Depending on the time of year, you will see whole fields of sage, verbena, lemongrass, rosemary, borage, basil or even garlic, which grow peacefully in the shelter of sour orange trees, wild orange trees whose buds are renowned for their exceptional properties.


Also called pelargonium, the geranium is so beautiful that the operator would regret having to cut it, if it were not to make beneficial herbal teas. The production of Le Jardin de Jacky is in fact exclusively devoted to medicinal use and to export, intended for European customers looking for herbal teas, decoctions and other foot baths made from these dried plants. A meticulous sorting is carried out on site by friendly Moroccan staff with whom you can exchange your impressions. 


No insecticides or chemical fertilizers are used. The fertilizer is that deposited by the sheep grazing in these fields.




Disappeared in March 2016, the initiator of Le Jardin de Jacky, Jean-Jacques Descamps, was responsible for the wellness center of the Swiss alpine resort of Ovronnaz. He had taken up the torch from the hands of his uncle, Maurice Mességué, who launched phytotherapy several decades ago. Jean-Jacques Descamps was the author of several books: "Revive me", "Health through plants" and "Your meeting at Jacky's Garden".


Download these pdf files to learn more


In 40 minutes from the Star Garden 
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     Good plan

Tajine at noon and facial massage

At the end of the visit to the plantation, which preferably takes place in the morning, the Jardin de Jacky offers, as an option, a midday meal with fresh orange juice, Moroccan salad, tajine with vegetables and argan oil, fruits and Moroccan pastries. Plus: Moroccan tea and bitter orange button, herbal teas, advice.


Price: 30 euros (300 dirhams), including face massage with argan oil. Reservation required: tel. 00212 (0) 6 48 54 29 52, email

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