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Pavillons ombragés

Pavillons ombragés

Ils ont malheureusement été supprimés. Mais d'autres pavillons sont annoncés.

Vue sur l'océan

Vue sur l'océan

Un paysage intact...

Inséparable de la visite du parc

Inséparable de la visite du parc

Halte au restaurant de Ksar Massa

Panneau à suivre

Panneau à suivre

Juste après Belfaa

Favorite, favorite, heart

Ksar Massa:shaded table facing the ocean

This address is one of the favorites of visitors to the Jardin aux Etoiles. Nothing to do with the lively atmosphere of the Marina of Agadir! Here, everything is calm and voluptuous. We are in Ksar Massa, a sign which corresponds to a luxury hotel, but whose restaurant is independent. Small pavilions all decorated in blue awaited the guests, who sat around low tables. They have unfortunately been dismantled. But new pavilions are announced. Opposite: the ocean as far as the eye can see, in an intact landscape, that ofanimal park of Souss Massa.

A successful visit to the Souss-Massa National Park cannot be considered without a visit to the Ksar Massa restaurant, located near the mouth of the Massa wadi in the Atlantic (follow the signs for Sidi Rbat beach, then for Ksar Massa). It is a divine stopover, in a neat environment.

Excellent and light

Your rental riad advises you to come and eat there at noon. Prior reservation is mandatory, under penalty of disappointment! Tested many times, the dishes each time proved to be excellent and very light. The cook likes to prepare fish, vegetables and herbs.


They serve wine, and excellent ones. Friendly service. A digestive walk can then be organized by the sea, or even on the back of a camel.

To get to Ksar Massa in 1h20, avoid the fairly long detour to the village of Massa. From the express road, turn right shortly after the town of Belfaa, when you see the blue "Camping" sign (see photo above). This road is fast. Be careful though: the panel in question tends to change shape, wording and even location...

Mandatory reservation with Hanane 066 215 35 19

Two out of three hearts for Ksar Massa

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Restaurant of Ksar Massa less than
1 hour 20
from Garden to the Stars, avoiding the detour via Biougra.
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