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Un riad, mais aussi de la végétation

Un riad, mais aussi de la végétation

Palmier-dattier, bougainvilliers, lauriers roses, cyprès, roses.

Bois sculpté à Agadir

Bois sculpté à Agadir

Le caractère de la maison s'inscrit d'entrée : le portail extérieur de notre villa en location est décoré de motifs berbères ainsi que du logo du riad.

Bougainvilliers multicolores

Bougainvilliers multicolores

La végétation de votre riad à louer est déjà luxuriante, ayant été plantée pour une bonne partie avant même la fin de la construction de la villa.

Suite Marrakech

Suite Marrakech

Lit à baldaquin, tissus artisanaux berbères, lampe en albâtre sur la table de nuit et lampe en cire avec le logo du Jardin aux Etoiles sur le mur en tadelakt

Salle de bain Tiznit

Salle de bain Tiznit

Tadelakt blanc et rouge sur les murs, bejmats vernissés de Fès et vasques en cuivre

Chambre Agadir

Chambre Agadir

Couvertures et coussins en tapis de Khemisset

Climat sec et sain

Your riad for rent: a great character

Glazed, these zelliges are arranged according to a subtle system which brings together the Moroccan tradition of tiling and op-art.
Charming villa

Designed by the owner of our riad for rent, the architecture is of Berber inspiration. It incorporates the use of ancestral materials from Morocco, such as tadelakt and terracotta from Fez. Arranged in lines, diagonals, chevrons or in combination, with or without cabochons, these are used in most cases in their raw form, but also in the glazed version, as in this photo, which represents the Tiznit bathroom table (south Agadir).

This material taken from the earth in front of your rented riad ensures freshness inside the riad in summer and a certain softness in winter.
Ecological will

Our villa for rent was built using rammed earth bricks made on site and whose material was extracted from the location where the swimming pool appeared. Framed by load-bearing concrete elements, the rammed earth has the property of cooling the interior temperature by 10 degrees in the middle of summer and maintaining a certain mildness in winter. The only departure from this strong ecological desire is that auxiliary heaters are available to guests of our rental riad.

Installed on the ceiling of the Atlas Salon, this light diffuses rays like the sun
1001 nights

Both inside and outside our rental villa, particular care has been taken with the lights, to make it a real riad from 1001 nights. A hundred lamps and lanterns, all from Morocco, and most made on the Agadir side, but of the most diverse types, create a very special atmosphere, such as this light installed on the ceiling of the Salon Atlas, in front of the fireplace. Around the pool, spotlights highlight the date palms and banana trees.

One of the emblematic rooms of your villa for rent, where everything or almost everything is red
The rooms

Our riad for rent has four bedrooms, each with eight beds. Summer: additional inflatable beds available, for children or teenagers.

Each with a bathroom, the Tiznit (photo) and Marrakech suites on the first floor provide an exceptional view of the swimming pool, the garden, as well as the surrounding fields and houses (no close direct neighbours). More restricted, the Agadir and Taroudant rooms are located on the second floor.

Living rooms, kitchen, gallery

The ground floor of your villa for rent is mainly reserved for the Salons. The one named Atlas includes a dining area and another to stand in front of the fireplace, Berber style (photo). The Salon Cinq mondes serves as an office. sisn the rising sun side, the fully equipped kitchen is also a crossroads with the first floor and the Souss gallery. Entirely covered, the latter overlooks the swimming pool. We stick to it when it's too hot or too cold outside.

A symbolic tree from the south of the country, on the Agadir side
The garden

Our rental riad is surrounded by a very large garden, which began to be planted when construction started in 2008. It includes all kinds of Moroccan fruit trees, including almond trees (photo), dozens of orange trees, mandarin trees, grapefruit trees and lemon trees. There are also cypresses, olive trees, pomegranate trees, palm trees, banana trees, sugar cane, cactus, vines. On the flower side: flamboyant bougainvillea, oleander, lavender, rosebushes. 

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