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Agadir: Olhao and Lalla Meryem, two magnificent additional gardens open their doors

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The city of Agadir is becoming more and more beautiful, as part of the Urban development program launched with the support of King Mohammed VI. Latest openings to date: those of the Olhao Garden (our photo - credit City of Agadir, taken from above ) and Lalla Meryem, whose transformation is absolutely magnificent. These commissionings follow those of the Ibn Zaydoun Garden and Park a and Youssoufi Garden, awaiting the highly anticipated ones of the Al Inbiaat Park, from the Remembrance Forest, as well as Tikiouine Park.

Created in 1992, to embody the twinning with the Portuguese city of Olhao, pairing today unfortunately under a bushel, the garden of the same name had aged. The facelift from which it has just benefited after nearly two years of work was the subject of an inauguration ceremony, this Saturday, June 24. The mayor of Agadir, Aziz Akhannouch, who is also head of the Moroccan government, cut the traditional ribbon, with the collaboration of the governor of the Souss-Massa region, Ahmed Hajji (our photo).

The event took place to music, in a space of semi-circular bleachers (our photo).

The rehabilitation of the garden, which covers 2.4 hectares, cost 16 million dirhams (1.6 million euros). The structures and landscaping have been completely overhauled, to offer visitors a real place of relaxation and activity.

The people responsible for this upgrading have fortunately preserved the evidence of the Amazigh (Berber) style which makes it original, such as the ornamental wall shown in our photo. Architectural jewel, the building of the same type which previously housed the small Museum of the Memory of Agadir, and whose we were worried about the future, was included in the renovation, even as the opening of the new large Museum of the reconstruction and memory of Agadir is announced for next September.

As for the Lalla Meryem Garden, located rue de Marrakech, an extension of Ibn Zaydoun Park, and built in honor of the eldest sister of King Mohammed VI, it too has come to the end of its rejuvenation cure (our photos, taken a week ago). So its opening is quite imminent. It will take place tomorrow, June 27.

Smaller in size than the Olhao Garden, the renewal of this abundance of greenery cost five million dirhams (500,000 euros).

The public gardens of Agadir are open every day, except Monday, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Exception for the Lalla Meryem garden, closed on Thursdays.



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