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First section of the Grand Agadir bypass road open to traffic by the end of 2023

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

The huge project for a bypass of Greater Agadir will see the opening to traffic of a first section by the end of this year with a length of 20 km, half the length of the Airport-Anza project. This is the route that begins, at the top of our map, in Abaraz, north of the neighborhood Islane-Hay Mohammadi, connected to Avenue des FAR by a new 2.5 km road. The section open to traffic, which has the characteristics of a (free) motorway, will end, to the south, at the junction of the motorway which leads to Marrakech. The Drarga hopper, also called the tunnel, which has long complicated traffic, will allow driving towards the north, failing, for the moment, to reach Al Massira airport.

The route that will be opened will therefore considerably facilitate the fluidity of traffic, which has been developing very strongly in recent years (here in front of the souk El Had) and will shorten travel times. To take this example, from our riad Le Jardin aux Etoiles, the duration of the journey to the entrance of the Marina should go from one hour currently to around 45 minutes and avoid traffic jams in the capital of Souss which constitute so many unpleasant surprises, in particular on the side of Tikiouine.

The portion of the bypass road that will open by the end of the year will also provide access to the Grand Stade Adrar (our image), where major projects are planned, in particular the transformation of the stadium and the construction of the olympic-pool. An access road will connect the district Al Qods at the bypass road, by the north of the sports facilities.

The next step should be the completion of the 7.5 km section that will allow, from the Drarga hopper, access to the airport. The blockage of the works (our photo) and the delay that has accumulated are explained by the great complexity of the works: hopper (artificial tunnel) near Temsia and large bridge of some 500 m. on the oued (asif) Souss. If the first has not yet seen its first traxes, the second is in progress.

It will then remain to complete the third and fourth stages, which present other immense challenges: passing behind the Kasbah and descent to Anza (our photo), to take the direction of Taghazout.

We have therefore not yet finished talking about the opening times of this impressive road, the inevitable delays that will follow one another and the credit overruns that will follow. But isn't the main thing that Agadir moves, and oh how much!


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