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The new habit of the Théâtre de verdure of Agadir inaugurated in front of a delirious crowd

The considerable efforts made to make Agadir not only a city dedicated to sport and leisure, but also culture have just found a new concretization, last Saturday August 5, with the inauguration of the new dress of the Théâtre de verdure, on the occasion of a musical evening which was held in front of an audience delirious. As our photo shows, there was not a free place to celebrate!

A sizeable crowd (our photo) had gathered by the end of the day at the passage Ait Souss, in the city center, to participate in a moment that promised to be magical in this completely refurbished hemicycle. This work was built following the earthquake of 1960. It still showed a good state of stability, but also showed signs of aging. Its stone steps, which are accessed from the upper part, refer to ancient Greek architecture, which makes it all the originality for a modern open-air theater.

The public present had a dream evening, as this video shows. The composer, arranger and conductor Amine Boudchar has indeed enchanted the Théâtre de verdure by proposing, he and his orchestra, a musical journey, named BoudchArt.

The show was as much on the stage (our photo) as in the hemicycle.

The public did not shy away from its pleasure by resuming in choir great works of Moroccan and oriental music with indescribable enthusiasm.

We announced the promising transformation of the Théâtre de verdure two years ago already, in August 2021 . The installation is the property of the City of Agadir, chaired by Aziz Akhannouch, also head of the Moroccan government, who followed closely the progress of the work. Highlighted, the entrance facade has become imposing (our photo). The equipment of the bleachers has been reviewed. Solar panels have been installed. The work was quick. They only lasted six months. Their cost amounted to 15.2 million dirhams, or one and a half million euros.

The Théâtre de verdure will not stop at its brilliant opening night, followed by the same concert the following day, Sunday.

On August 12, for example, there will be a nostalgic rock concert, with the Coolshy Band (our image). On the 18th, place will be made for an evening Bombacomique.

Other shows will follow: classical concerts, dance and even circus performances, theatrical performances.

Agadir is on track to be the cultural beacon it aims to become, especially since the Grand Théâtre located a stone's throw from the Théâtre de verdure should open by the end of next year.


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