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Tifnit Beach :​ delicious grilled lobster at a good price at Maxim's!

The address is precious and is passed on between friends (our photo). Chez Maxim's, table set on the Tifnit Beach, it's not just a nod to the famous Parisian restaurant. Above all, it's a pretty bar facing the sea that serves very fresh lobster and crayfish at low prices. The reservation (see number at the end of the message) is essential, especially if you disembark in a group.

The dishes are served on a small terrace overlooking the ocean (our photo). You can also prefer to settle on the sand. If you arrive unexpectedly, you will be entitled to the fish of the day, also well grilled. What are the prices charged? For a nice portion of lobster and crayfish as part of a group of half a dozen people, perhaps you will be able to negotiate 200 dirhams per guest, or 20 euros. Not everyone can afford lobsters and crayfish in Europe. In Morocco, yes!

The house does not have an alcohol licence. However, you can take with you the wine that you have purchased in Agadir or taken from your small cellar, if possible kept cool. Be discreet and also order mineral water. Chez Maxim's (our photo, the boss, Bouba) also needs to balance his books and we have to be correct!

You don't change registers by going to Moulay Youssef, at the sign of the equally prestigious Parisian name of... La Tour d'Argent (our photo) !

Another similar restaurant : Maxwill, very close to Chez Maxim's. Fish, they say, very well accommodated, such as white tuna, as well as tagines ! However, we have not tested either.

On the other hand, we stopped at Tifnit restaurant cafe, installed within the fish landing point. The view is panoramic, and not only on the tajine (our photo).

In general, the downside of these restaurants is hygiene, which could be better, even if fairly strict controls are in place. However, we are not aware of any food poisoning originating from one of these restaurants.

You won't always be served to the second either. It takes time to prepare the wood fire to grill lobsters and crawfish or to peel the vegetables and make the tagine you ordered (our photo)!

In most cases, the dish will end up being excellent. Obvious good will and immersed in the daily Moroccan reality!

Obviously take a look at the panorama before you : the dwellings of the village of Tifnit which have not been demolished form the foreground, the beach and the ocean the second. It's superb.

You have to park your vehicle in the car park set up at the end of the asphalt road. You will have every chance of being greeted by a friendly tout !

In summary:

At Maxim's: 06 67 90 97 91

​Other addresses:

La Tour d'argent, at Moulay Youssef, 06 16 12 79 78

Café restaurant Tifnit, 06 78 63 11 27

Maisonette on the height, call Bouchta to find out if it's open, 06 52 91 55 78.


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