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Salon de 50 mètres carrés

Salon de 50 mètres carrés

Pour y manger et s'y reposer.

Partie salle à manger

Partie salle à manger

Votre villa en location joue avec les lumières et se fait très chaleureuse



Avec des objets exprimant pour l'essentiel le Maroc berbère. La table en bois sculpté a été réalisée à Agadir

Table au bouquet

Table au bouquet

Sculptée de motifs berbères et recouverte d'une surface de verre

Face à la cheminée

Face à la cheminée

Un espace convivial

Salon Atlas: 100% Berber Morocco


Dining room side 

Located in the center of the ground floor of your rental riad, the Salon Atlas measures 50 square meters and includes two parts. The first, as an extension ofthe kitchen, is meant to be eaten there when not preferredthe Souss gallery or the plazza around the swimming pool. The table is made of wood, decorated with Berber motifs and the logo of our villa for rent. It is covered with glass. Table sets are available to guests of our riad for rent.

THE"light cabinet" occupies the entire south wall. It is entirely covered with tadelakt and received 18 spots. These illuminate from the inside the valuables that have been deposited there and which essentially express the soul of Morocco.


There are old Berber utensils - in particular a couscoussière -, objects in terracotta, copper or tadelakt, testimonies of the Jewish presence in the region of Agadir, Moroccan bottles and trays. A  part of the "furniture-light" is reserved for crockery and cutlery made available to our guests. They can also consult books on cooking and wine.

The painting of the Berber warrior

An extraordinary painting, signed by the artist from AgadirOmar Mourabih, adorns the east wall. It represents a Berber warrior whose hood has the shape of Africa, which means that he is aware of belonging to this continent. He watches the world attentively. It thus expresses its openness to the outside world.


His body has the shape of Morocco. If his legs are amputated, he is also deprived of the Sahara (ex-Spanish Sahara) which the Kingdom claims as an integral part of Morocco.

Living room fireplace side

The second part of the Salon Atlas is organized around a living room fireplace in Fez bejmats whose mantel is covered with red tadelakt and which extends up to 8 meters in height, in order to guarantee excellent draft.

A large, deep sofa covered in bright red alcantara invites the visitor to sit or lie down. Two ivory calfskin armchairs complete the layout. You can also take a seat around the Berber-style fireplace: on camel skin poufs and cushions with patterns from Ouarzazate. Child-sized stools and a small copper starry coffee table complete the layout.


A larger coffee table, featuring an inverted marble mosaic, is fromKasbat Souss in Agadir.

The imposing cherry wood sideboard is in the peasant baroque style. It rubs shoulders with the copy of a painting ofMajorelle representing a typical village of southern Morocco whose houses are still entirely in adobe, as well as a small library containing books and guides on the regions ofagadir and ofMarrakesh. A credenza in the same baroque peasant style faces the sideboard.

Two hookahs

The red tadelakt bench supports two hookahs. These contribute to the decor but can also be used by the guests of our rental riad. Those who wish to try thesewater pipes, very popular from Egypt to Morocco, are requested to smoke either inthe Souss gallery, or outside the riad. Smoking shisha is however harmful, even more so than cigarettes. Moderation is essential!

To make the most of our TV screen



Our Atlas lounge includes a nice TV corner. A Samsung plasma flat screen was hung on the wall next to the fireplace. Our TV installation is connected to two satellite dishes.


For the comfort of our guests, we merged the programs of the two satellites Astra and Hotbird picked up by the parabolic antenna installed on the roof ofthe Agadir room.


Our customers can thus view more than a hundred programs that we have selected (download the pdf file below): all the Swiss channels, all the French channels, all the German channels, several channels in English, many sports channels, as well as all the Moroccan channels and the main programs in Arabic.


They have two remote controls: one to activate the screen, the other to switch from one channel to another. Please do not modify the programming of the channels!

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