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To get from Agadir airport to the villa

20 minutes from your rental riad
The Google Map above shows the way to get from Agadir Al Massira airport to our rental villa. The distance is 20 km. It is done in about twenty minutes. Google Maps tends to add minutes, without justification...

We highly recommend the route shown in blue and gray, which allows you to drive on a well-sized and regularly tarmacked express road. This road is toll free.

A El Gfifat (sometimes spelledLagfifat), first town crossed, take the only road on the left. Our riad for rent is about 5 km away. Be careful if you ride at night: two-wheelers and pedestrians are hardly lit. Do not drive at more than 80 km/h!

​A Ouled Alioua

In the douar (hamlet) of Ouled Alioua, two roads lead to our rental villa when coming from the airport. Click on the inset on the map above (bottom right) to see the details. The path marked in red is recommended on the first day or the first evening.


The one marked in yellow is more romantic. He is calledmimosa path, although it is more exact to specify that its flowers are those of the acacia.

​Our information and advice from Agadir airport to our riad for rent




​The seven photos above explain in pictures the journey from Al Massira International Airport to our villa for rent. The comments contain many practical tips that can be very useful to the guests of our rental riad.




     Good plan

Make the right exchange transaction at the airport

The dirhams you need for your fresh menus can only be bought in Morocco, because of the exchange control. At Agadir airport, don't rush towards the first exchange counter located in the baggage arrival hall. Despite its modern look, the change is much less favorable there than in the small shops set up at the exit, next to the car rental agencies.


It is not essential to change all your budget in dirhams. Morocco has a dense network of ATMs, right from the airport. Visa and Mastercard are accepted by all devices. However, this is no longer the case with Maestro cards. These have a double security system that the readers installed in Morocco are not able to read.


Pay attention to distributors: a malicious person may be watching you. Distributor breakdowns are unfortunately frequent, a sign of a somewhat... hesitant computer network.


​Euros are also accepted almost everywhere, at the exchange rate 1:10 or 1:11 (one euro = 10 or 11 dirhams).

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