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Boulangerie artisanale

Boulangerie artisanale

A 5 minutes en voiture de votre riad en location, un spectacle matinal à voir.



La région d'Agadir produit les plus beaux légumes du Maroc. Profitez de votre séjour dans votre riad en location pour en faire votre délice !

Souk d'Ouled Teima

Souk d'Ouled Teima

Les légumes les plus frais du verger du Maroc à votre portée, à des prix défiant toute concurrence

Supermarché Marjane, Agadir

Supermarché Marjane, Agadir

Les hôtes de notre riad à louer l'apprécient, notamment pour son rayon alcools

Supermarché Asswak Assalam, Agadir

Supermarché Asswak Assalam, Agadir

Atteignable en 45 - 50 minutes depuis votre villa en location

Where to buy your food and drinks?




The guests of our villa for rent take full advantage of the calm of the douar (hamlet) of Ouled Alioua. There are nevertheless small Moroccan shops nearby, which sell basic necessities, for example for your breakfast, including bread (Moroccan pancakes at 3 dh - 30 euro cents).

THE first bakery workshop is 5 minutes by car (take the direction of Ouled Teima and cross the road before the mosque on the edge of National). It's already quite a spectacle to see these craftsmen at work. It is worth having tasted the Berber bread (5 dh in principle - 50 euro cents). Called tafarnout, it consists of a finer and more cooked pancake. Do you prefer the French baguette? In both cases, requestthe steward of your riad for rent, who will tell you where to find some or bring some to you.


The spectacle of the souk

The nearest souk is located in the nearby town of Ouled Teima (60,000 inhabitants). It can be reached in 10 minutes by car (opposite the mosque, on the main road). Food items - great fruits and vegetables! - and all common items can be purchased there. In the eyes of a non-Moroccan, this visit constitutes a discovery full of interest, embellished with... a few surprises.


Forsupermarkets, you have to go to Agadir. The closest is called Atacadao (mainly food). We reach this cash and carry in 35 minutes by Tikiouine. Asswak Assalam is located a little further (45-50 minutes). The Marjane department store is 50 minutes away (in Bensergao, next to the Royal Palace), via Aït Melloul and Inezgane. Another Marjane store has opened in Inezgane but it is less pleasant than the one in Bensergao. Agadir has four Carrefour Markets. The closest is in the Houda district, south of Asswak Assalam.

We recommend Asswak Assalam and Marjane, who however do not sell alcohol. Having entered into Qatari hands, Marjane has in fact ceased to sell it.


On the other hand, you can buy European and Moroccan wines (often very good) in the center of Agadir (near the Town Hall), at Uniprix, at Anaprix, very close to Uniprix, at Nicolas, as well as at Atacadao cash and carry.


Agadir accountthe largest souk in Morocco, named souk El Had. It extends over several hectares, in the center of the city. You can really find everything there and it is relatively well indicated. If you are lost, ask passers-by for the right direction. Moroccans are happy to inform you!


Fish and seafood


All supermarkets sell fish and seafood. The most authentic way to get it - and the cheapest! - consists of going to the fish market located in the center of Agadir or to the fishing port itself (next to the Marina), where we find popular and friendly restaurants. AMunicipal Fish Market opened in mid-2014 in Ouled Teima. 


Shops, souks and supermarkets from your rental riad
  • Nearby shops, including bread, milk and yogurts: 3 minutes, on foot or by car

  • Moroccan bakery: 5 minutes by car

  • Ouled Teima Souk: 10 minutes by car

  • Carrefour Supermarket, next to Decathlon, Agadir (largest, all European items) : 30-40 minutes, depending on the path used

  • Asswak Assalam supermarket, Agadir (no alcohol): 45-50 minutes by Tikiouine

  • Marjane supermarket, Agadir (no alcohol): 50 minutes by Aït Melloul and Inezgane

  • Supermarket Marjane, Inezgane (no alcohol): 35 minutes by Aït Melloul

  • Souk El Had, Agadir : 60 minutes

  • ​Fishing port, Agadir (next to the Marina) : 60 minutes

     Good deal
​Where to buy your wine, beer and spirits?

The Muslim religion considers alcohol as a sin, we do not find it on every street corner. Agadir is nevertheless an important tourist city.


Hence the following outlets: 


-Cash and carry Atacadao, located 35 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles, between Tikiouine and Agadir (map on the left).



- Carrefour stores (Dakhla district, near the faculties, Talborjt, old town, and Houda district, the closest).


- Uniprix and Anaprix, near City Hall and Place Kamal.

- Nicolas shop (see below).


Note: the supermarket Marjane, which fell into Qatari hands, banned alcohol from its shelves.


The prices are comparable to those practiced in Europe. Moroccan wines - most of which are excellent - are generally less expensive than wines from Europe.

​Nicolas store next to Bamboo Thai



The  most comprehensive  wine & spirits store in Agadir  is undoubtedly the boutique  Nicholas. OOpened at the end of June 2017, this  is located next to the restaurant Bamboo Thai, at the end of the avenue  Hassan II.

As our Google Maps shows, it can be reached in 50 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles.

Very well laid out, the Nicolas boutique offers 1,500 different wines and spirits.

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