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En trois langues

En trois langues

En arabe, en tifinaght (berbère) et en français

Jardin Lalla Meryem

Jardin Lalla Meryem

Foisonnement de verdure

Jardin Olhao

Jardin Olhao

En souvenir du jumelage avec la ville portugaise du même nom

Jardin Belvédère

Jardin Belvédère

Il invite à descendre vers l'océan et la plage.

The magnificent gardens and parks of Agadir:

Ibn Zaydoun, Olhao, Lalla Meryem, Youssoufi


The city of Agadir has several extraordinary gardens, which also deserve the name of urban parks. These have been renovated, rehabilitated, embellished, enlarged or even created from scratch as part of theUrban development program launched in 2020. This page presents them one after the other, from their inauguration, which began in 2022. Here is theIbn Zaydoun Garden and Park, theOlhao ParkTHELalla Meryem Garden eyou theYoussoufi garden. The immenseParc al Inbiâat and its car park, thereRemembrance Forest, as well as Tikiouine park. Common point of all these green surfaces: watering is carried out there by waste water, in order to preserve the precious liquid.  
Ibn Zaydoun Park
Ancre 4
Dedicated toa famous 11th-century Andalusian poet, the Ibn Zaydoun Garden includes a lower part and an upper part. It covers no less than 12 hectares. We reach it in45 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles.

A huge green lung in the city centre, the Jardin Ibn Zaydoun is the meeting place for families and sports enthusiasts. Tourists are also welcome here. They appreciate that its countless varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers are identified by very clear informative signs. Previously installed on the cornice facing the sea, the skate park has taken up residencein the upper part of the park,largely reserved for sports.

Such. Whatsapp  0663 621 673

Olhao Garden
The Jardin d'Olhao was created in 1992, to materialize the twinning with the Portuguese city of the same name,located in the Algarve. This pairing has unfortunately been shelved. The garden, which had aged, has been revived in a happy way. AT45 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles.

The Jardin d'Olhao extends over 2.4 hectares,in the southern part of the Talborjt district. The structures and landscaping have been completely reviewed. Visitors thus have a real place of relaxation and activity.

Architectural evidence of the Amazigh (Berber) style which make it original have fortunately been preserved. This is the case of the ornamental walls, but also the jewel-building which previously housed a small Museum of the memory of Agadir. This function is now fulfilled by the very modernMuseum of the reconstruction of Agadir.

Lalla Meryem Garden
Located at themarrakesh street, as an extension ofIbn Zaydoun Park, the Lalla Meryem Garden was built in 1966 in honor ofthe older sister of King Mohammed VI. Of a more modest surface than the two previous ones (1.3 hectares), it is 45 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiless.

The green spaces, as well as the pedestrian path and the playground have been refurbished. The original stamp has been preserved. The pergola and the lighting have been restored to the same. The square of Agadir restores the different climates of Morocco: the Mediterranean, the continental and the dry and arid one found in the South.

El Youssoufi Garden
Installé entre l'avenue Mohammed V, à la hauteur de la Wilaya, et le bord de mer, c'est un ancien jardin qui date du Protectorat. Nommé à juste titre Belvédère, il offre une vue panoramique sur l'océan, à 50 minutes du Jardin aux Etoiles.

S'étendant sur deux hectares, presque exclusivement en pente douce, le Jardin Belvédère est parsemé de chemins en escaliers. L'ancienne végétation avait fini par être envahissante. Elle a été remplacée par des arbres en devenir, qui ne tarderont pas à apporter l'ombre recherchée.

Jardin El Youssoufi
The Abderrahman El Youssoufi Garden is  in the college district. Square in shape, it is the smallest of the parks in Agadir. It celebrates the memory ofa resistance fighter and former prime minister of King Hassan II who was active in the socialist ranks, such asmany former mayors of Agadir. We reach it inless than 40 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles.



The Youssoufi Garden includes a small open-air theatre, a reading garden, an educational garden and a play area for children. Two-wheelers and dogs prohibited.

Anchor 7
​The Ibn Zaydoun Garden
45 minutes away 
from the Garden to the Stars
by expressway
Ancre 1
​The Garden of Olhao
also 45 minutes 
from the Garden to the Stars
by expressway
​The Lalla Meryem Garden
always at 45 minutes 
from the Garden to the Stars
by expressway
Ancre 2
​Le Jardin Belvédère
est à 50 minutes 
du Jardin aux Etoiles
par la route express
Ancre 5
​The Youssoufi Garden is
him To less thanand 40 minutes 
from the Garden to the Stars
by expressway 
Ancre 3
The gardens and parks of Agadir on the Jardin aux Etoiles blog
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