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In the Garden of Stars
you will pass great vacation

The Garden of stars, a quality rental riad, is located between Agadir and Taroudant,a quarter of an hour from Agadir Al Massira airport, in Morocco. It is a small paradise nestled in the tranquility of the Souss valley, in the heart of the "Orchard of the Kingdom". It is mild - or hot - all year round. A young manager named Ayoub will welcome you and ensure your comfort throughout your stay.

Our villa, also called riad, is for rent by the week (or from three nights at certain times). It has four bedrooms, two large on the first floor and two others, smaller, on the second, with a total of eight beds. We provide two bathrooms, one named Marrakesh, the other Tiznit, as well as a separate toilet.

On the ground floor, our fully equipped kitchen will allow you to prepare your meals, unless you prefer to ask our excellent cook, which will satisfy you. The large living room named Atlas is composed of a dining room and a part that allows you to enjoy a magnificent fireplace working at best. An office is located in the Five Worlds Fair. The covered gallery 20 meters in length is appreciated in the evening, or when it is very hot.

A wonderful swimming pool and an extraordinary garden

Strong point of our riad: a wonderful pool overflow, which allows you to really swim in it, or even dive in it as you please. Children benefit from the five entrance steps. The depth increases, until reaching one meter 80. At nightfall, place to 1001 nights !

The garden is amazing. Date palms, bougainvilleas, oleanders, banana trees and roses create a colorful environment around our pool. But that's not all! A festival of greenery and flowers surrounds the villa. We planted around fifty orange trees, around ten lemon trees and around thirty grapefruit trees. Tall cypresses and olive trees line the path leading from the entrance to the villa. Countless agaves, aloe vera and sisals dot the property.

A drip network provides the necessary watering. The water comes from our 120 m well. deep, stored in a decorated water tower.

Very charming

Built in a small typical village, our holiday home is at your exclusive disposal during your stay. No direct neighbours, swimming pool completely protected from view by a lush garden! Security is ensured by modern facilities and by 
our two little Jack Russel dogs, which make children happy. You want to make a massage at the riad ? No problem, we call our very famous masseuse.  

All in all, excellent value for money and very charming. We have indeed devoted the greatest care to the architecture and decoration, essentially Berber. All the walls are in tadelakt and all the floors in terracotta from Fez or the nearby Atlas. Many works of art bring a very special touch to the interior of the riad. Our villa is also ecological. You won't find any plastic chairs there! The walls were built in adobe (raw earth), which provides good insulation both in summer and winter. Gray water is recycled and solar panels provide hot water in the showers.
Authentic discoveries and sports activities
The nearest beach from our riad for rent is 30-40 minutes by car, by an express road (no crossing of town). The villa is the starting point for many authentic discoveries and sports activities. The city of Agadir is in full and spectacular transformation, and it is worth discovering it in its new finery. It is also here that the argan tree, mythical and protected tree, from which we derive argan oil with exceptional cosmetic and culinary properties.
We chose this location because of the climate which is dry and healthy, good against rheumatism and diseases of the same type. On the other hand, on the Agadir seaside, fog appears during the land-ocean thermal shock, especially in summer. For its part, Marrakesh, leaning against the north of the often snow-covered Atlas, has a continental climate, very hot in summer, cold in winter. Given its proximity to the sea, our villa benefits from an expected afternoon breeze, especially in summer.

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