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Sous un vaste toit de tôle

Sous un vaste toit de tôle

Un marché qui est aussi un spectacle en lui-même.

Marché municipal

Marché municipal

L'entrée du souk



Provenant du marché d'Agadir, il est frais. Mais on ne trouve pas à Ouled Teima le choix de la capitale du Souss.

Le jardin du Maroc

Le jardin du Maroc

La région d'0uled Teima, souvent appelée de son ancien nom de Houara, produit les plus beaux fruits et les plus beaux légumes du Royaume.

Animation commerciale

Animation commerciale

Des primeurs aux objets pour le ménage


Visit to the lively souk of Ouled Teima

The guests of our rental riad should at least once during their stay visit the souk of Ouled Teima, called Municipal Market. We keep the misspelling, for the sake of preserving the local color... Reachable by car in about ten minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles, This vast covered market beats to the rhythm of daily life. 

Particularly lively on Thursdays, the souk of Ouled Teima is the reflection of deep Morocco, made of modernity, and above all of traditions. There is food: butchers, bakeries, greengrocers, but also household items and specialties of all kinds, including electronics. 


The urban commune of Ouled Teima has some 70,000 inhabitants. Its population has increased significantly in recent decades, in line with the needs of the citrus and vegetable farms located all around the city. That is to say if the souk is busy!


The garden of Morocco is exposed


A visit to the Municipal Market makes it possible to realize the merits of the reputation of Houara, the former name of Ouled Teima which is still used. The garden of Morocco, which extends to the southwest as far as the neighboring region of Chtouka Aït Baha, is exhibited here in all its fullness: carrots, potatoes, turnips, eggplants, peppers, all kinds of peas, as well as olives, interpreted in all flavors and colors. Lemons and, depending on the season, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, bananas, strawberries color the stalls in abundance.


Vegetables and fruits are cheap here and their freshness is indisputable. They should be given preference over the products found, more expensive and less good, in the supermarkets of Agadir. 


Thursday is the day of the big market, which brings together the inhabitants of the neighboring villages. On this day, there is even more to see (and to endure, given the traffic jams caused by the crowds).




Tourists and European residents are not uncommon at the Ouled Teima souk, and they are well received. However, caution should be exercised. The exhibition of a supposedly well-stocked wallet can, for example, arouse some envy. Women will dress non-provocatively.



The other souks of Souss that are worth a visit:


Souk El Had of Agadir

Berber souk of Taroudant

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Straight and 10 minutes away from Garden 
to the Stars.

A fresh fish market in Ouled Teima

The Ouled Teima souk has two or three fish stalls. Opened in the summer of 2014, the Municipal Market dedicated exclusively to fish products has greatly increased the choice available.
Located not far from the main market, this souk brings together a dozen merchants, in better conditions of freshness and packaging. There are therefore croakers, swordfish, John Dory, to name a few, and of course sardines, which are one of our dogs' favorite dishes! On the other hand, seafood, little known to the average Moroccan, is very rare. We just discovered squid.
The goods arrive every morning from Agadir. On the price side, it is obviously very reasonable compared to European levels.
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