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Chems Ayour

Chems Ayour

Une architecture berbère qui a une vraie parenté avec le Jardin aux Etoiles

Chanteurs et danseurs gnaoua

Chanteurs et danseurs gnaoua

Ils se produisent à vos côtés, lors du repas

Une belle table

Une belle table

La porcelaine est décorée de motifs berbères. Les verres, eux, sont européens, on s'en doute...

Tableau signé Omar Mourabih

Tableau signé Omar Mourabih

Une authentique composition berbère de l'artiste qui a réalisé la grande composition du Salon Atlas

Go out in the evening with the Jardin aux Etoiles
Favorite of the Garden of Stars

Chems Ayour:

Berber and Arabic folklore evening

  Other party


In Temsia, that is to sayabout ten minutes by car from the Jardin aux Etoiles (by the National road), Chems Ayour serves as the setting for a quite fabulous dinner-show which mixes Arab folklore and Berber tradition. "Chems" means "sun" in Arabic and "ayour" means "moon" in tachelhit. Dinner is served under caidal tents of the most beautiful effect, heated as soon as the temperature drops in the evening. 

Dinner-show on Wednesday and Friday 

8 p.m.: welcome by horsemen and Dekka Merrackchia and Gnawa troops


8 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.: visit of a round of animation with snake charmer and tasting  typical Berber bread called tafernout

8:30-10:30 p.m.: in caidal tents, dinner with folklore entertainment around the tables


10:30 p.m.-11:15 p.m.: outdoor show with fantasia (three shots), acrobats, fire-eaters, oriental dancer


11:15 p.m.: end of the evening

Average price: 400 dh (about 40 €)



+212 528 31 97 97

As shown very well in the first video, directed byMarc d'Haenen, this establishment, considered the best of its kind in Agadir and the region, invites us to a real party. The particular character of Chems Ayour lies in the presentation of both Arabic and Berber acts.


You become aware of this unique feature as soon as you step outside the building. Visitors are welcomed there by riders and then, inside, by the very smiling staff of the establishment. Quite impressive, but friendly, the ceremony takes you through several ceremonial rooms, before you are greeted by folk groups, including that of pleasant Berber dancers.


A few surprises follow around the tafernout oven and harmless snakes, before entering the caidal tents.


Three menus to choose from

















Three different menus download by clicking on the image above are offered to individual visitors. The first two include a couscous with seven vegetables as a main course and the third a mechoui of lamb. They are all three generous. Better not to have eaten at noon. Price: 400 dirhams, or €40. Very decent wine list.  


The numbers follow one another in the caidal tents, between the dishes: singers, dancers, acrobats expressing the two cultures. Don't hesitate to respond to their invitation and take part in the celebration yourself! Fire eaters, acrobats and fantasia finale, outdoors.


Inauguration and comparison


Broadcast by the Moroccan channel 2M, the second video looks back on the inauguration of 2007 and on the courageous initiative of the founder, Meryem El Ouafi. As for the last video, it makes it possible to make the comparison with the famous dinner-show of the same type Chez Ali in Marrakech, much larger in size, but without the character that gives all its originality to Chems Ayour: the mixture of the two cultures that make up Morocco today .


 Wednesday and Friday are reserved for individual spectators. Reservation essential on 0528 319 797

Three out of three hearts for Chems Ayour, its originality and the quality of its dishes

Anchor 3

At a quarter of an hourfrom the Garden to the Stars 

Another dinner show: La Folie Berbère

Berber madness, in Agadir, offers a show of the same type as that of Chems Ayour, in an architectural setting that is less authentic and less polished.


Such. 05 28 28 35 31, 05 28 28 13 12 or even 06 61 59 90 92

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