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Children, teenagers
Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach

Piscine de très grande qualité.

Buffet trois étoiles

Buffet trois étoiles

Chaque dimanche à midi, et désormais chaque samedi, également à midi.

Restaurant à l'extérieur

Restaurant à l'extérieur

Parce qu'il fait chaud, ou doux, même le soir dans la région.

Animations le dimanche

Animations le dimanche

Avec par exemple ce clown local et branché.



Des alpagas.

Environnement léché

Environnement léché

Etang, jet d'eau, palmiers...

Terrain de football

Terrain de football

Une herbe de belle qualité, rare au sud du Maroc.


Villate Limoune: meals, animals, walks, entertainment 

Installed in the heart of a citrus grove at the exit ofOuled Teima,Domaine Villate Limoune is the neighbor of the Jardin aux Etoiles.You can get there in five minutes. It is a perfect place to spend a beautiful day there: meal under the orange trees, walk in an extremely neat environment, visit of an interesting small zoo, bike ride in the plantation or on the back of a pony, horse or camel. On Sunday, very popular buffet and musical entertainment. But many (too) many people.
Restaurant in the shade of orange trees                        

The kitchen is of high quality. It was previously in the range of traditional Moroccan cuisine. Since the commitment of real professionals of very good level, La Table des Saveurs is at the height ofan excellent European gourmet restaurant. Its former leader Younes Abela gave it its letters of nobility. Price accordingly! Entry is by payment of an amount of 70 dh representing the visit of the entire domain, includingthe animal park.


Meals are served outside, under the orange trees. Exquisite natural environment! The very neat dining room is only used in cool weather or when it rains, which rarely happens.

In the evening, another atmosphere: illuminated area, campfires.

On Sundays, attractive promotional offer, which is a huge success. For 450 dh (45 euros), an adult is entitled to entry to the estate, as well as to the midday meal, in the form ofan all-you-can-eat buffet. For our part, experiences made, we hardly appreciate the rush towards the dishes and, at the end of the meal, the uneaten food which remains on the tables...


The package offered at the entrance also includes attractions: playground equipment for children, bike ride, visit to the educational farm with banana plantation and organic vegetable garden, as well as Zoo.

Attractions and musical entertainment

On weekends, musical entertainment : Gnaoua atmosphere, as well as entertainment provided by a clown and a mascot for the children. On Saturdays sometimes with Yan Sich, who takes visitors on a journey through hits  he 60s and 70s. On Sundays, at noon and during the afternoon: live music for example with the RFM   collective: salsa, Arabo-Andalusian, reggae.


Can I drink alcohol?

Villate Limoune is now the depositary of an alcohol licence.Moroccan wines are excellent ! Enjoy it. European wines too.


Reservation recommended on Sunday at noon, if you insist. Fixed phone: 05 28 52 69 64. Mobile: 06 67 79 68 17

Three hearts out of three for the Villate Limoune restaurant, which benefits from high-level professionals for catering, and for its ostrich dishes (when available...). Irregularity in quality sometimes reported by third parties. Nevertheless, one of the best restaurants in the Souss Massa region.

Ancre 1

Villate Limoune is installed on a huge plot of 400 hectares of orange trees, palm trees and various vegetable crops.


The animal park that has been created there is worth the visit in itself. He is very neat. You can see all kinds of animals there: horses, ponies, donkeys, camels, llamas, alpacas, gazelles, ostriches, porcupines, monkeys, parrots and many other birds, unfortunately in cages for the latter.


The visit to the estate extends to that of the banana greenhouse. Special programs are set up for schools and students.


Villate Limoune also includes a magnificent football pitch, very well grassed, which is rare in the South of the Kingdom. It is an ideal place for a winter training camp


Monkey Beach                   
Anchor 2

A few minutes 
from the Jardin aux Etoiles, door to door.  

The latest achievement to have emerged in Villate Limoune, Monkey Beach combines luxury services: nature, turquoise green swimming pool, music, catering and entertainment. The magnificent water surface is encased in lush tropical foliage.

Monkey Beach's restaurant offers cocktails. You can also have lunch there.

Deckchairs are available by the pool. Luxury cabins also available by reservation for groups or those looking for more discretion. 

Admission: €25 (children €15). 

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