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Au coucher du soleil

Au coucher du soleil

Balade du côté d'Amargh

Villate Limoune

Villate Limoune

Balade pour tous les âges à travers les orangers

Ranch Amodou à Tamraght

Ranch Amodou à Tamraght

En bord de mer, à une dizaine de kilomètres au nord d'Agadir

En bord d'océan

En bord d'océan

L'air de la mer et de la liberté...

Cheval Parc

Cheval Parc

Une enseigne pleine de poésie qui cachait une Ile aux enfants malheureusement fermée entre-temps

Club de l'Etrier d'Agadir

Club de l'Etrier d'Agadir

Le saut d'obstacles n'attend pas le nombre des années.

On horseback: horseback riding, walking and hiking


Horse lovers will find many opportunities to indulge their passion very close to the Jardin aux Etoiles and in Agadir. Two clubs are at their disposal, as well as several private operators, for a memorable horseback ride by the ocean or in an orange grove. It is essential to inquire by telephone before considering one of these activities!

Villa Limoune


A stone's throw from the Jardin aux Etoiles, Villate Limoune is a superb domain offering multiple attractions. Among the latter: an animal park that allows you to approach very closely, and among others, llamas, dromedaries, kangaroos and birds, including a very... talkative parrot.


You can take a horseback ride there, to discover the estate, planted with thousands of orange trees, over hectares and hectares. Reference price: 200 dirhams/hour for adults, 50 dirhams/30 minutes on pony back. 


Significant advantage: it is possible to spend a whole day in the domain, meal included.


Info and reservations tel. 05 28 52 69 64 or 06 67 79 68 17



Amodou Horse


Installed atabout ten kilometers north of Agadir, at Aourir (take the road from the village of Tamraght, which immediately follows Aourir and the bridge over the wadi),Amodou Cheval Ranch Eastexcellently rated. The animals benefit from a good  treatment: sufficient food, brushing. Friendly guides, beautiful landscapes.


A little extra not insignificant: the boss picks up customers at their hotel or rental house, and takes them back. They with mint, cookies and water offered.


The Amoudou ranch offers you horseback riding (traditionally associated with Berbers) and Arab (see the video below). Also hikes and bivouacs in the region ofagadir, ofEssaouira, from the valley of paradise and even ofZagora. Other activities: camel ride, quad and jet-ski.


Such. 06 70 34 15 10 and 06 62 20 04 74 



Stirrup Club


Located in Bensergao, not far from the Royal Palace, theStirrup Club of Agadir offers courses for adults and children. A lesson on horseback costs 150 dh for one hour. The equipment is available on site. All levels are accepted. The club's two stables have 54 horses and ponies.

The Cub de l'Etrier also organizes walks through the eucalyptus forests. The one-hour walk costs 150 dh and the two-hour walk to Agadir beach costs 200 dh. Camel ride: 250 dh for two hours. The club also advertises seven-day treks, twice a year, on horseback.I.  


Such.05 28 28 28 08 and 06 15 89 06 93



Royal Equestrian Club


Also located in Bensergao, the Royal Equestrian Club of Agadir belongs tonational organization whose objective is to ensure the development of equestrian sports in the Kingdom. It organizes horse riding and show jumping lessons. Walks are also offered.


Such. 05 28 33 30 93 



Center Jo Riding company


Also in Bensergao, next to the Royal Equestrian Club, a new riding center has been created. It offers horse and pony rides for children. Courses are also set up.


Such. 06 68 32 31 45



Horse Park Agadir


Advertised, right next to theMedina of Coco Polizzi, by the sign "Le Cheval fait son cirque", the Horse Agadir Park organizes horse or camel rides, lasting an hour or two (100 or 180 dh).  Find out if these activities are still offered. 


Cheval Parc also offered a horse show, which in the meantimehas unfortunately been closed. L'Île aux enfants also welcomed the latter for a birthday or for the show, and to accomplish their baptism there on the back of a camel or a pony. 


Such. 06 11 31 24 75



All about Agadir 100% leisure


This operator, which has its headquarters inCity Dakhla, close to the supermarketAsswak Assalam, offers walks on the beach of Agadir, accompanied by an instructor and introduction to galloping.

Horse or camel ride, 120 dh. Horseback ride of 2 hours on Sunday morning at 150 dh. The email sent to this operator received a response. Hence the guarantee that this operator is in business.


Such. 06 62 06 14 71  



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