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Chez Brahim

Chez Brahim

Fruits de mer à gogo

Depuis la terrasse de Chez Brahim

Depuis la terrasse de Chez Brahim

Vue sur la plage et les surfeurs.

Chez Outman

Chez Outman

Vive les crustacés !

Restaurant Le 27

Restaurant Le 27

Pour y manger le soir, à Paradis Plage.

Paradis Plage

Paradis Plage

Excellent buffet devant l'océan

Paradis Plage (vue côté nord)

Paradis Plage (vue côté nord)

L'océan Atlantique y est magnifique

From Chez Brahim or Chez Outman (Imourane) to the Tropical Café 

In which restaurants to stop when driving a few kilometers north of Agadir, towardsEssaouira ? For having tested them, we recommend the very typical fish restaurant named Chez Brahim, in Imourane (just over an hour from the Jardin aux Etoiles), as well as its neighbor Chez Outman, ideally located in front of the sea, and which has  not preference. Our list of winners also includes the more international table ofParadise Beach,less than 30 minutes from Chez Brahim, as well as the very authentic Tropical Café restaurant, located just before this natural jewel that isthe Valley of Paradise, 1h30 from our riad.

Chez Brahim is just after the village of Aourir, on the right when coming from Agadir, immediately before theAtlantica campsite in Imourane. It is not indicated by a roadside sign.


It is a beach restaurant installed on a promontory which dominates the bay ofDevil's Rock (Devil's Rock) popular with surfers, named Banana Beach. There is also a bird's eye view of the countless surfers who take advantage of the relatively gentle waves of this crescent beach.


Who would suspect that a few steps away, the Devil's Rock concealstraces of a small Portuguese fortress that defended Santa Cruz from Cap Ghir, named Ben Mirão? It is not forbidden to go and contemplate them.


A few dozen meters from Chez Brahim, there is a restaurant of the same type namedÒ14 Chez Said. This name emphasizes that we are 14 km from Agadir. However, it is less engaging, which is why we did not test it.

On the other hand, we have successfully tested, and on numerous occasions, the Resto Imouran, also named  At Outman's. Excellent impression and great regularity, both in the warm welcome and the fish and seafood dishes... giants!


Very fresh fish and seafood


At Brahim, fish and seafood are kings. It is the festival of lobsters and lobster. All the seafood products are very fresh and are offered to you in the form of frying, in numerous variants and compositions. Solid portions, great prices. True copy, next door, Chez Outman!


At Brahim, part of the restaurant is covered. We obviously prefer the two small terraces when the weather is nice (which is almost always the case). The setup is quite similar to Chez Outman. The construction is however more recent, hence a large terrace, with transparent protections, from where one enjoys a remarkable view of the impressive waves which throw themselves on the rocks. The spectacle is striking at sunset.


These tables are very popular, which is not surprising. Therefore, come there just before noon or for the second service, after 2:30 p.m. It is also possible to taste the delicacies offered in the evening. Chez Brahim and Chez Outman close around 10 p.m.

Non-alcoholic restaurants. However, take your bottle with you. The waiters will gladly bring you drinks. However, be discreet. We will then even offer you ice cubes....


Without being a hotel guest


Fifteen kilometers and a little less than half an hour further, to Imi Ouadar,Paradise Beach is a luxury hotel, built on the Atlantic coast. You can eat there without being a hotel guest.   


We recommend the buffet served at noon on the beach pebbles: various salads, vegetables, grilled meats, dessert. Reasonable prices given the standard of the hotel. Friendly service.


In the evening, you can eat à la carte, at Le 27 restaurant, whose setting is modern.

Feet in the water and casually

The Café restaurant Tropical is located on the edge of the road which leads tothe valley of paradise.


It can be reached in 1 hour 30 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles or in 40 minutes from Chez Brahim. If you go there, it is of course also to enjoy the  Valley of Paradise. 


It is, in our opinion, the best casual little restaurant that you come across while walking through these rather magical places. The others are inside the Valley. Le Tropical welcomes you a few kilometers before the parking space at the entrance to the Valley.

Like others, the Café restaurant Tropical offers tables and chairs right in the wadi that descends from the Valley. A fun and relaxed way to have an aperitif! What makes it superior in our eyes is the authenticity of its cuisine and hospitality.


Don't expect the boss Mohammed and his son to present you with a menu ;-) Tagine is their only dish, but what a dish! Subtly seasoned, to let the products express all their flavors. Sitting on a very simple bench, you will spend one of the best moments of your Moroccan stay there. In any case, that is our wish.

Such. 00212 6 62 89 76 15

Two hearts out of three at the Café restaurant Tropical for its extraordinary authenticity, as well as Chez Brahim and Chez Outman for their lavish seafood and fish platters, not to mention their friendly service.

One in three hearts at Paradis Plage.

​Restaurants Chez Brahim and Chez Outman in a little over an hour from the Garden to the Stars. Google Maps strives to show two routes that each include a fast section and a slow section. By using the express road and the bypass road, it takes 60 minutes.  
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Count one just over 20 minutes to get to Paradis Plage from Chez Brahim 
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To reach the Tropical Café restaurant near the Valley of Paradise, count          1 hour 30 from the Star Garden
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Ancre 3

The Tropical Café restaurant is at40 minutess from Chez Brahim or Chez Outman
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