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La premières des Arches de Legzira

La premières des Arches de Legzira

Terre rouge et galets agglomérés

But de promenade idéal

But de promenade idéal

A marée basse

Rocher de Legzira

Rocher de Legzira

Il prolonge la grande arche et n'est visible qu'à marée basse.

Un lieu magique

Un lieu magique

Le ciel, les rochers et l'océan

L'océan infiniment

L'océan infiniment

La première Arche de Legzira, à gauche, mais aussi une plage immense

Rochers et plages

Rochers et plages

De très jolies plages sauvages et discrètes du côté de Mirleft

Vue d'avion

Vue d'avion

Legzira sous un angle inhabituel. L'arc de gauche s'est effondré en septembre 2016, mais l'arche principale de droite subsiste, de même que deux autres, plus loin.

The wild beauty of Legzira Arches


Here is an essential visit to the south ofagadir : the Arches of Legzira. This unparalleled wild beauty was given to Morocco by the ocean. At low tide, a walk along the coast towards these impressive and mysterious gates is an invigorating journey. However, avoid the crowds of July and August! 

This sublime place can be reached from the Jardin aux Etoiles as part of a one-day visit including, for example, a visit to the town of Sidi Ifni, a former Spanish enclave which was only returned to the Kingdom 13 years after Moroccan independence in 1956.


By the city of Tiznit


Leaving early in the morning is prudent!It takes two and a half hours to reach the Arches of Legzira.. The roads leading to it are rolling. A new express artery is in operation up to the crossing of the Massa wadi and its extension to Tiznit is in progress.


From the center of this Berber city surrounded by walls, the motorist has two possibilities: either go through Aglou, which represents a small detour but offers the traveler magnificent landscapes, a little above the ocean, or take the more direct road which connects Tiznit to Mirleft.


On the way back, we will in any case prefer the latter solution, in order to save time.


Red earth and agglomerated pebbles


Very jagged by the Atlantic, the coast offers spectacular views, made of rocks, secret beaches and moors populated by succulent plants, sometimes euphorbia. These shores include many wild beaches and are among the most incredible in Morocco.


When, past Mirleft, we take the road to Sidi Ifni south, we arrived until recently face to face in front of the Arches of Legzira. A few years and a holiday village later, the configuration of the premises has been turned upside down. You must now take the path that leads to this tourist enclave, before descending a rather perilous slope, to finally arrive at a small car park (paying).


In Legzira, good-natured tourism welcomes visitors for an afternoon. There are a few cafes and shops dedicated to the practice of surfing, favored by the powerful currents.


At low tide, the walk along the beach towards the superb rocks offers a good hour of sea change. It allows you to cross these huge arches, which you can see up close that they are made of red earth and agglomerated pebbles. The ocean works, but does not affect them, or hardly at all.

The collapsed arch does not change the beauty and interest of Legzira

A second arch, more cut, and further away, collapsed in September 2016. The media coverage of this event led people to believe that the beauty and interest of the site had disappeared.


In reality, while regrettable, this  disappearance has in no way altered the quality of this walk alongone of the best beaches in the world. And the arch that visitors admire while passing under its dome is still there, majestic and proud. Others follow, much further.

A  traditional village barely reached by tourism

The town of Mirleft is grouped around its mosque. It is a traditional village, barely reached by tourism, which contrasts with the new, somewhat bling-bling district of villas located on the edge of the ocean. The Arabic telephone will inform you that Claude Chirac would be one of the owners.


Mirleft is therefore a seaside resort which we will say, according to European standards, that it starts, as evidenced byClub Evasion, an "all-inclusive" holiday village, arguably the least damaginghorrors that developers are building, with varying fortunes, north of Mirleft, towards Aglou. Better close your eyes!


The period of the French Protectorate has left far more authentic architectural testimonies: the main fort which dominates Mirleft, named Tidli, of which only ruins remain, as well as the one located below, transformed into a riad baptizedThe Three Camels


Other addresses in Mirleft: 


Kasbah Tabelkoukt (luxury)


Sally's (bed and breakfast)


Hotel and restaurant Abertih (Moroccan)


Ksar Molina (typical)


ZanZan Coffee (restaurant only)


Restaurant Tayought 


Nid d'Aigle restaurant and hostel (paragliding)


A tea at the end of the world (guest house)

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