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Dunes de Rasmouka

Dunes de Rasmouka

Surface limitée, mais plaisir réel

Balade à dos de dromadaire

Balade à dos de dromadaire

Pré-réservation indispensable

En direction du nord-est

En direction du nord-est

Le sable et la végétation

Little Sahara in Rasmouka, south of Agadir

It is a natural phenomenon that has all its appeal. South of Agadir, in Arbaa Rasmouka,just over an hour and a half from the Jardin aux Etoiles, the curious visitor finds himself face to face with a Small Sahara formed of dunes with a surface that is certainly limited, but which offers maximum pleasure to lovers of the desert.

There are several routes to reach Rasmouka (also spelled Resmouka or Rasmoka or Resmoka). To go there, we recommend going there by the Tiznit express road (for the return, you can take the shorter and more authentic road which passes through Tioute and Biougra). After the locality of Belfaa, before the bridge which spans the Massa wadi, turn left following the signal indicating the Youssef Ibn Tachefin artificial lake. The landscape suddenly changes. First evidence of the Anti-Atlas, spectacular colored rocks appear.


Continue due south to the very beautiful artificial lake of Youssef Ibn Tachfin. Its name is a tribute togreat Almoravid king and eponymous Moroccan hero, who was also a colonizer before his time. This huge reservoir is used to irrigate the plain of Chtouka Aït Baha, located just to the north and famous for its vegetables.


It is advisable to take the road laid out on the dam, then to climb up to the belvedere which dominates the expanse of water, meandering according to the geography of the place. A traditional refreshment bar awaits visitors.​

From the dam, drive another seven kilometers to the village of Arbaa Rasmouka. Inside the village, identify the mosque (which is not complicated!) and bypass it on the left. Then take a rather zigzagging track which, after three or four kilometres, leads to a large space intended for parking vehicles.


If you don't have a 4x4, don't go any further! You risk getting your car stuck in the sand and having to ask for help from a brave soul in the village of Arbaa Rasmouka!

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An hour and a half after your departure from the Jardin aux Etoiles, you arrive at the awaited little gem:the small Sahara of Rasmouka. These few square kilometers of fine sand give the impression of suddenly being fascinateddunes of M'Hamid and Chegaga which, they, require at least a full day of travel, and as much for the return (even count the double to avoid stress).

What a pleasure to trudge on the dune, which culminates at about fifty meters! The foot penetrates the sand, avoids the vegetation and climbs, step by step, to the summit, in a quarter of an hour. The best time is obviously when the sun goes down...

In Rasmouka, tourist operators offer camel rides, or even donkey or horse rides. One of them even organizes a bivouac. But don't be disappointed if, on the spot, you don't find any of this. In Morocco, the difficult management of offers of this kind is random.

Our advice: before going to Rasmouka, call Mohmad Brber, 00212 624 44 97 36 to make a pre-booking... and negotiate the price.

​Aan hour and a half  from the Garden to the Stars 
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