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A la Medina de Coco Polizzi

A la Medina de Coco Polizzi

Avec les trottinettes de Speed Moving.

Avec Fat Club

Avec Fat Club

Dès 4 ans accompagné, du côté du Parc animalier de Souss Massa.

En montant à la Kasbash

En montant à la Kasbash

Des chemins y ont été créés et peuvent être utilisés par les trottinettes électriques.

Avec des casques !

Avec des casques !

La sécurité d'abord.

A la Vallée du paradis avec Paradis-ebike

A la Vallée du paradis avec Paradis-ebike

Sourires et végétation luxuriante.

Children, teenagers

Rent an electric vehicle to get aroundin Agadir, in the National Park or in the Valley of Paradise!


An ecological mode of transport appreciated for covering relatively long distances, individual electric vehicles - scooters and bicycles with sometimes unexpected designs - are popular in Agadir. Long live responsible tourism! Three operators have entered this booming market. They offer walks through thea capital of Souss, on the side ofSouss Massa National Park or even tothe valley of paradise. Visitors are smiling. They often say that their electric ride was one of the most beautiful moments of their holidays. 

This operator is located in the village ofAurir, 10 km north of Agadir andjust over an hour from the Jardin aux Etoiles. It rents (and sells) bicycles, mountain bikes and all-terrain scooters, all electric. Electric scooters should follow.

Paradis-ebike offers rentals from 200 dh and excursions with a guide from 400 dh. We recommend the seaside walk along the hotels of Taghazout Bay. However, be careful of traffic when it comes to turning off. Many Moroccan drivers have no respect for bicycles... 


Guided walk to the famousParadise Valley by a road with little traffic (from 500 dh with an electric bike and from 700 dh with a scooter). For  Imouzzer Waterfalls, which it is better to visit when there is water, in principle in the spring, count a day from 1,000 dh with guide and meal. Other excursions possible, for example on a scooter with a "sea and mountain" guide, 250 dh for one hour, 400 dh for two hours.


Rentals can also be concluded for a week (bicycles and mountain bikes at 1,500 dh, all-terrain scooters at 2,500 dh). Paradis-ebike announces discounts for its friends on Facebook.


Practical contact details: open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (summer until 10 p.m.),www.paradis-ebike, such. all Whats Ap +33 662017105, +212 719188138  and+212 696132933, 

Manager :Julien Bouhout, associated with Mohamed Akhsasy.

Our test:                       Three hearts out of three for this excellent operator! Clear sign, which cannot be missed from the road, warm welcome from the owner and his partner, very large choice of recent electric vehicles, helmets available for all sizes, personalized advice. Certainly a good address.


Established in Agadir,10 of the Oued Souss road, this has50 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles, Speed Moving is the specialist in electric scooters through the districts of the city, whose cycle paths are developing strongly.


Sound  flagship product: a city tour that avoids traffic jams and takes participants to the village of Kasbat Souss craftsmen, to the Marina, in the new district of Agadir Bay, to finish with a tour of the mosques. The course, completely secure, with or without a guide, adapts to your desires. This is how it also passes through the Medina of Coco Polizzi or the departure station of the gondola leading to the Kasbah and Danialand. Another formula: excursion to the localities of the crown of Agadir. 

Average duration of the excursion: two to three hours. Price: from 150 dh, depending on the route and duration.

Speed Moving also provides the sale of its scooters, after-sales service and repairs. 


Practical contact details: open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (summer until 10 p.m.),, such.+212 709820051 (French) and+212 709946469 (English and Arabic),


Manager :Denis Gachassin.

Our test:           One out of three hearts! We will gladly improve this rating when the boss is more present in his shop (two absences during our two visits, certainly in the first part of the week), when the scooters  will all be equipped to ensure safety (which was far from the case during our test) and when helmets are more numerous and better suited to the customer.

Fat Club Agadir

Installed atInezgane, immediately south of Agadir,40 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles, the Fat Club Agadir operator has made a specialty of electric fatbike (big tire) mountain bike rides, towards the Souss Massa National Park, also with the desire to participate in the ecological transition. Maximum capacity: nine adults and two juniors (8-11 years old). 


Six ​dDifferent circuits "in total harmony with nature" are offered. "La Gazelle" (350 dh) is a discovery ride accessible to all, from eight years old (24 km of track, two hours). "La Playa" (450 dh) requires good cycling skills, with 10 km of beach (two hours). "La Souss Massa" (450 dh) includes a walking tour of theanimal park of antelopes, gazelles and ostriches (24 km, three hours). "La Solidaire" (500 dh) is for people interested in endurance (35 km of track, 2 h 30). "La Beldia" (450 to 550 dh) includes a traditional meal in the heart of the argan forest (25 km, 3 hours). Finally, "La Royale" takes those interested on a long endurance course, including 10 km of beach (37 km, 3 h 30). 

Practical contact details: open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (summer until 10 p.m.),, which includes a detailed description of each circuit and allows online booking,  tel.+212 655130570, 


Manager :Mikael Lannezal.

Our test:not yet done, to come.

Anchor 1
​Speed Moving is 50 minutes from the Jardin aux Etoiles, by express road. 
Anchor 5
​Fat club Agadir is at40 minutesfrom the Jardin aux Etoiles, by the express road and Aït Melloul.
Ancre 2
​Paradis Ebike Aourir is ata little over an hour from the Garden to the Stars.
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