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Les barques et le village

Tifnit et sa plage

Tifnit et sa plage

Au loin, le village. A proximité, les joies de la baignade

Tifnit des pêcheurs

Tifnit des pêcheurs

A la pelote



Choisissez-les pour nager à l'abri des grandes vagues

Tifnit, balade magique

Tifnit, balade magique

A deux ou à quatre pattes !

Vue du restaurant de Tifnit

Vue du restaurant de Tifnit

Prouvez votre location au Jardin aux Etoiles, et vous bénéficierez d'une surprise

Camélidé au bain

Camélidé au bain

Comme à Ksar Massa, il est possible de se balader à dos de dromadaire pour quelques dizaines de dirhams

Tifnit Beach: swimming, surfing,

  Authentic eating

in Tifnit

One of the least known beaches for tourists, and one of the wildest, is that of Tifnt (not to be confused with Tiznit). It is the fastest accessible from your rental riad, after that oftakad.We get there in less than an hour.

The surface of the capital of Souss is comparable to that of Paris, while not being (yet) entirely built. Since Tifnit is located south ofagadir, we avoid crossing this great expanse. 


Tifnit is a dream place. No wonder developers are considering moving there.a station that wants to be exemplary from an ecological point of view.The works were to start in 2011 and the first stone was announced for the spring of 2014... Wait and see!












The surface area of the capital of Souss is comparable to that of Paris, although it is not (yet) entirely built. Since Tifnit is located south ofAgadir, we avoid crossing this large expanse. 
Tifnit is a dream place. It's no surprise that developers are considering building a station there that aims to be exemplary from an ecological point of view. The work was to start in 2011 and the first stone was announced for spring 2014... Wait and see!

fishing first


A seawater desalination plant is planned for this location, where a large building has just been built, financed by the “American people”. This fish "landing point" is intended to collect fish products, with a view to their marketing on the markets of the region and their packaging for export. The Kingdom intends to accomplishgreat efforts to develop its strong potential in this sector


May the little fishermen take the opportunity to improve their ordinary! Until recently, some of them sold the product of their day at sea at rock bottom prices. Even today, if you know how to do it, you will be able to haggle John Dory, sea bream, crabs and giant prawns!


Any amateur fisherman can also indulge inits activity by the ocean, in a sublime landscape. Pelote fishing is practiced most frequently.

Swimming, surfing, walking and animals


Tifnit is a goal of excursion in itself. The first pleasure is that of swimming. Beware, however, of the waves, which can be quite powerful! Your children will be able to paddle in the Atlantic or frankly swim in it in safety as long as you take care to choose a cove or a protected place. On the other hand, the vigor of the ocean makes surfers happy! Conditions here are wilder and less organized thanin Taghazout or in Banana Beach, north of Agadir.


Especially at low tide, the walk along the coast south of the village is magical. Between rocks and fine sand, your steps will take you in half an hour to a rocky outcrop that defines the horizon. It is possible to continue your journey for several more kilometers, if you feel like it. The particularity of this course is to follow a cliff long inhabited by local fishermen. These troglodyte dwellings with the charm of another time presented the risk of collapse. The authorities have therefore closed, prohibited or even destroyed them. But some of these habitats are once again occupied. In defense of the offenders, the view is heavenly! Too bad that here as elsewhere rubbish spoils the beauty of Morocco...


Observe the animals


It is also at Tfinit that you can admirethe breeding animals of the Souss Massa animal park, if you do not intend to visit the park organized through an operator from Agadir. The best way to see gazelles and antelopes is to park to the right along the road before it descends into Tifnit. The fences of the park almost touch the road. You have to be patient and not make noise. No doubt you will be rewarded.

What a scandal, this waste and this pollution!

The charm of Tifnit, a place of dreams, makes the pollution that one encounters there all the more unbearable. As in many, many places in the Kingdom, there are stumbles on piles of waste which are a scandal.


Plastic bottles and bags, metal cans and leftover food of all kinds litter the ground without the locals moving an eye. As if the difficulties of life made them insensitive to the ugliness they rub shoulders with every day. Shouldn't the endemic unemployment that strikes Morocco encourage the State to organize the permanent cleaning of the country, and in particular of its most touristic places, while occupying people who do nothing, or almost? This in the name of essential ecology, but also of economic interests and better social cohesion.



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AT approximately 55 minutes 
from Gardento the Stars, if you take the express road that passes through
Al Massira airport
from Agadir, then Sidi Bibi

Takkad Beach: absolute calm and destitution
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Takkad Beach is located a few kilometers north of Tifnit Beach. From the express road that leads to Tiznit, you can access it by an asphalt road that you take just before the town of Sidi Bibi coming from the Jardin aux Etoiles.


Takkad is characterized by absolute calm: no café, no fish landing station like in Tifnit. Just a few fishermen's houses in a rather advanced state of disrepair. The destitution is evident. 


The beach has retained its natural appearance. You can fish there, walk around, especially at low tide, and swim there. However, pay attention to the height of the waves.

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