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Jebel Ighoud cradle of humanity: museum under construction to open soon

A sensational discovery announced in 2017, the cradle of humanity at Jebel Ighoud, 2 hours 40 minutes from the Garden of Stars, is so momentous and captivating that it deserves a museum and interpretation centre. Initially announced for 2022, but delayed by the effects of the COVID epidemic and financial complications, the impressive complex desired by the Moroccan authorities is now under construction, as shown in the photo above, taken by us at the end of May 2024. According to the information we have gathered, it is due to open in October this year. With a touch of optimism.

The building currently being fitted out is resolutely modern in its architecture (our image), although this does not exclude a traditional touch. The contract for its construction has been awarded to a company based in Fez, on a turnkey basis.

This means that the entire museum and interpretation centre will be built under the responsibility of this general contractor.

The most advanced part (our photo) will house accommodation for the archaeologists working on site, as well as staff, including caretakers.

The interpretation centre will include permanent and temporary exhibition areas, showing all the archaeological excavations carried out on site, as well as introductory and experimental workshops for schools and a reading centre.

Appropriately located just a few metres from the quarry where the fossils of the oldest known homo sapiens were discovered, and offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside, this modern, interactive museum will also include a cafeteria that visitors are sure to appreciate.

After all, Jebel Ighoud is an almost desert-like place, where the thirst needs to be quenched!

Located four kilometres from the cave (our Google Maps map), the village of Ighoud is not equipped to receive the tourist rush expected from Marrakech, Agadir and Essaouira.

However, the village has already benefited 100% from the extraordinary discovery. A number of public buildings have been erected and the road leading to the cave has been extensively upgraded with a row of lampposts (photo below).

Road access to Jebel Ighoud has also been made easier from Chichaoua (less than 3 hours from Agadir) and even from the north.

This should encourage the general public, at least those curious about the origins of this great human adventure, to visit Jebel Ighoud by autumn 2024... or a little later.



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