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New Bird Valley of Agadir under construction: the magic becomes clearer

In major works since last September, the new Bird Valley of Agadir based on the principle of zoo-immersion is taking shape. New images broadcast on the site of the territorial commune show that the expected magic is becoming clearer. The image above represents the huge aviary inside which the visitor can move around and rub shoulders with multicolored parrots and pink flamingos , among other volatiles.

Installed on Boulevard du 20-Août, where the departure of the little tourist train, the building of the ticket office will take the form of a large white bird opening its wings to take off (our image). A complete change compared to the old installation! The entry price is not yet known.

A large footbridge will allow you to cross, at height, the areas reserved for ostriches (on the left in our image). On the right, we can see the llama park.

The basic structure of the walkway will be metallic, but wood will be widely used to cover this aerial walk which will wind over an area of 2.7 hectares.

Sixty-nine different species are announced to animate this zoological circuit, which should allow interaction with animals (our image).

The opening of the resurrected Bird Valley was hoped for at the end of this new year. However, according to the latest news, you will have to wait until the first quarter of 2025.


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