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The new art museum of Agadir opens its doors to the public

Agadir's new art museum opens its doors to the public this Friday, April 28, 2023, after being inaugurated the day before by the mayor of the city. Aziz Akhannouch, who is also the head of the Moroccan government. Since we first announced in January 2022, this new asset has been launched Culture settles in the center of the city, in the building of the Municipal Museum of Amazigh Heritage which has been restored and transformed (our photo). It will be one of the gates to the new al Imbiaat Park, whose Covered parking has just opened on schedule.

The Agadir Art Museum (AMA) joins the impressive list of institutions managed by the National Museum Foundation (FNM). It offers a dialogue between modern art and local heritage. Visitors will thus discover a collection of around 150 paintings by Moroccan and foreign artists, the result of a large donation from the very discreet patron El Khalil Belguench, who has already donated modern paintings to the Museum of the Villa Harris in Tange< /u>r donated (our picture).

What local heritage does the Agadir Art Museum present? It is a range of ethnographic pieces including jewellery, carpets, pottery and ceramics (our photo).

Paintings, jewellery, carpets, porcelain, pottery, essentially Amazigh (Berber), overlap and complement each other in a coherent and harmonious whole.

The course of the exhibition is divided into five sections (our photos). The first section presents the traditions that have shaped Moroccan cultural identity over the centuries, while the second presents a panorama of urban scenes between the exotic and the modern. The third section is dedicated to abstraction and memory, the fourth to the reproduction of natural landscapes and the fifth deals with the theme of the human body, which remains at the heart of contemporary expression.

Promoting Amazigh heritage will not end at the new art museum.

It will also be the focus of the new Amazigh Heritage Museum planned north of City Hall to "offer a new museum experience", as well as in the genes of the very modern Timitar Museum advertised by the sea (our picture).

Agadir Art Museum, Passage Aït Souss, near the cafés La Tour de Babel and La Fontaine, open every day except Tuesday from 10am to 6pm.



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