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Embarrassing radio-TV aerials on the revived Kasbah of Agadir, what a waste!

The interior of the rehabilitated Kasbah of Agadir should be accessible to the general public by the end of 2023. This is announced by the Wilaya of the Souss Massa Region (prefecture), following a meeting of the steering committee, monitoring and evaluation of the Urban Development Program of the City of Agadir 2020-2024, at the origin of the fabulous ongoing transformation of the capital of Souss. However, the "heritage development" of the Kasbah intra muros will not be complete ! According to the press release, the northern part of the site is indeed "dependent on the movement of SNRT antennas" (National Radio and Television Company). In other words, while the need for this move has been known since at least the year 2020 and the Kasbah is the number one emblematic monument of Agadir, the responsible authorities have not managed to move these inconvenient antennas in time, including the apparently illegal presence has long been disputed... What a waste!

To our knowledge, no explanation has been given, so far, as to the origin of this major hiccup.

Our Google Maps completed by us shows, at the top, the location of these annoying antennas and, at the bottom, the arrival of the gondolas at the level of the Kasbah.

By the end of this year at the latest, the public will therefore be able to discover the historical route in an amputated way, in the form of wooden and panel decking, which will take it through history of Agadir, as told by the Kasbah. As shown the red circle in our image, the end of the route imagined by the architect Salima Naji, the most intense and emotionally charged, will therefore not be visible, due to the presence of the antennas.

This last part of the route (map of Salima Naji) includes a 1,000 m² ecumenical memorial. It is planned that this will be placed between the three historic tombs of the citadel. A symbolically broken mirror should take place in the heart of the amphitheater of meditation, to evoke the 1960 drama. The set should end through a corridor of remembrance adorned with a wall of multilingual testimonies.

It was planned that the visitor would leave the Kasbah through a door in the eastern wall, before reaching the forecourt and the departure of the cable cars. In the absence of any official information, we are left to guesswork as to how this release will look like until the unsightly antennas have not been removed (our photo). Mystery also as to the date on which the resuscitated Kasbah will be made available to the public in a complete way. It's urgent !


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