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Rejuvenation treatment for the oasis of Targa n'Touchka, a jewel of beauty in the Anti-Atlas

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Nestled in the hollow of the Anti-Atlas mountains, in the center of the triangle Ait Baha, Tafraout and Tiznit, like a mirage, the oasis of Targa n'Touchka surprises the visitor. The road descends steeply, even plunges, towards this palm grove where a small wadi flows (our photo Gérard Decq). It stands out from the mineral and rocky universe that surrounds it by the freshness that reigns there and by its landscapes. This beauty box will benefit from a makeover. The Ministry of Agriculture is preparing to devote 50 million dirhams (5 million euros) to it, for the development, rehabilitation and enhancement of its potential.

Reachable in just over two hours by road from Agadir (our Bing map), Targa n'Touchka is the only oasis in the Province of Chtouka Ait Baha.

An unmissable stop on treks organized in the region, it is also a destination for family or friends outings, little known, but worth the trip.

The oasis of Targa n’Touchka owes its greenery to three springs. The waters gush from the rocks to the north (our photo). They flow into the wadi, then into an irrigation grid. One of these springs is famous for its healing properties. Tradition says that its waters purify the body and eliminate kidney stones. To be taken with all reservations!

Under a parasol of hundred-year-old palm trees, the Berbers knew how to tame the sandy soil to make it fertile land. Many fruit trees, including banana trees (our photo), give a special cachet to Targa n'Touchka.

The ecosystem of the palm grove is fragile and its degradation directly impacts the local population. It is therefore advisable to preserve the premises and not to leave rubbish there. Unfortunately, we see too many!

The palm grove looks like a lush labyrinth, with accessible trails.

On foot or by mountain bike, visitors (our photo) follow the irrigation canals and explore the confines of the oasis. They enjoy the scenery. They discover waterfalls there, under which it is good to cool off.

Guided by the breeze, continue the ride. You will surely fall in love with a particular place. Stop there and enjoy the very special calm that emanates from the place, around a well-deserved picnic.

Rest and recharge your batteries to continue the adventure.

An unusual old building overlooks the valley. It is named Tagenza Ifferd. Its wide corridors and countless rooms are open to tourists.

The narrow streets of the Targa n'Touchka douar come alive especially on Sunday, souk day. From this village, we go back to Agadir. You can also reach Tafraout, via Tanalt, in less than two hours.



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