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Once upon a time there was a little gem: the Moorish Café in the Kasbah of Agadir

Updated: Apr 28

Completely destroyed during the earthquake of February 29, 1960, the Kasbah of Agadir included a little gem : the Moorish Café, with its very neat interior architecture, endowed with a lot of charm (above).

Opened in 1935, this remarkable café was created on the initiative of two French personalities from the time of the Protectorate : Paul Gautier and Fernand Barutel. The first manager was named Ali Chebli. Closed during the Second World War, the Moorish Café was reopened in 1947. The manager, Mr. Mezzour, has been remembered as an always elegant man, wearing a flamboyant red suit, tie and tarbouche. He is seen seated, alongside a Western lady.

The Moorish Café enjoyed an ideal location, just on the edge of the walls, which it overlooked. The customers thus enjoyed a splendid view over the bay of Agadir. This information was communicated to me by participants of the Agadir group of yesteryear, on Facebook, who still have a precise memory of this magnificent café.

There is obviously nothing left of it today. The rehabilitation of the Kasbah underway does not aim to rebuild identically the old small city crimped by walls. On the other hand, it aims, via a course on raised wooden decking, to offer signage with archive photos and explanations, using the design of the alleys before the earthquake. Salima Naji and her colleagues in charge of these arrangements will not be able to forget the Moorish Café.

Perhaps they will remember his name to attribute it to the proposed refreshment bar, intended to welcome visitors.

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