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At the end of June 2024, the Agadir bypass road will open from the airport

The North-East bypass road of Agadir will experience a new stage at the end of next June. The section which leaves Agadir Al Massira airport (South exit: airport on the map above) and goes to the express road (National 8) which leads to the motorway towards Marrakech will in turn be open to traffic. So given the already effective commissioning, it will be possible to drive smoothly to the Al Mohammadi district, to the north, and thus avoid the traffic jams in Tikiouine, which have become a real black spot. Duration of the Airport-Al Mohammadi journey: around twenty minutes.

The mayor of Agadir Aziz Akhannouch, also head of government, gave a boost to the project, so that this opening would be effective before the summer holidays.

The impressive 500 m viaduct long intended to span the Oued Souss (our photo) will therefore have to be completed by this time.

The same will apply to the Temsia hopper , work on which (our photo) began last February and which will help avoid traffic on the National 10 Taroudant-Agadir.

Once these two obstacles have been overcome, users will be able to take this new route to the Al Mohammadi district (Abaraz roundabout), then go down towards Avenue des FAR.

The acceleration of this work is also part of the perspective of the organization of the CAN (African Football Cup of Nations) 2025, the matches of which will partly take place at the Grand Stade Adrar. The surroundings of the latter, including the new 3,000-seat Arena hall (our image) and the Olympic swimming pool, must have been transformed for this deadline.

According to the program announced by the mayor of Agadir, the third stage and the fourth stage of this road, intended to bypass Kasbah Agadir Oufella from the north, should also be completed in this perspective, which seems ambitious given the complexity works remaining to be carried out.



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