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Noor solar power plant in Ouarzazate: circuit with guided tour desired!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

The Noor solar power plant is located north of Ouarzazate

The first of the four Noor solar power plants (Noor means light in Arabic) was commissioned with great fanfare, on February 4, 2016, by King Mohammed VI. In November 2009, Morocco had unveiled its batteries and announced five sites. When the whole project has been completed, in 2020, Ouarzazate and Morocco will have the largest multi-technology solar production site in the world. And yet, no public visit is possible, while Ouarzazate intends to develop its tourism!

As our Google map above shows, the Noor 1 Solar Power Plant is located north of Ouarzazate, facing the Atlas Mountains. From the Berber city, or more precisely from the Dar Daif kasbah, which we recommend for a stay in this city, you can get there in half an hour.

World Emblem

The idea of a solar circuit has been launched, but nothing concrete is proposed for the moment. It is very regrettable, as it is true that Noor, whose first stage covers 480 hectares, and which will eventually extend over 3,000 hectares, is emerging as one of the world emblems of sustainable development.

When the four units of the Ouarzazate solar power plant are completed, they will produce 580 MW per year. Other solar power plants will cover the entire national territory: Aïn Beni Mathar, near Taza, Sabkhate Tah, near Tarfaya, Foum Al Oued and Boujdour, in the southern provinces.

Dependence on fossil fuels, of which Morocco is more than 95% an importer, will be greatly reduced, to some 60% by 2020 already. Solar, wind and hydro will each produce a share of 14% of the needs. Coal will be reduced from 34 to 26% and fuel oil from 24 to 14%.

European and multilateral funding

Noor is a Moroccan creation. It stems from the Desertec plan, a pharaonic project which intended to build an immense string of thermal power stations from Jordan to Morocco, without CO2 emission. Funding is made possible through foreign sources. Proof that Morocco and the Noor project are credible.

The French Development Agency, the German banking group KFW and the European Investment Bank have granted loans amounting to 100 million euros each, making a total of 300 million euros. The KFW group has also granted a donation of 15 million euros. The European Commission has put 30 million in the bride's basket, also in the form of a donation.

The World Bank granted a loan of 500 million euros and the African Development Bank a loan of 100 million euros.

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