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Timitar Museum in Agadir: work has started near major hotels

Construction work on the Timitar museum in Agadir has just begun. This brand new cultural hub, which is part of the projects of the Urban Development Program currently transforming the capital of Souss, will be dedicated to highlighting the symbols of Amazigh, that is to say Berber, culture (our image ), which evoke freedom, love, fertility, abundance. The word "Timitar" means "signs" in Tachelhit.

The mandate for the development of this new museum center was entrusted to the company “Le Palais d'Aménagement” of Rabat, for an amount of 14.7 million dirhams (1.4 million euros). The architecture bears the signature of the offices of Zakaria El Moudden and Rajaa Agoumi. However, they have not published an image of the final project. We therefore reproduce here the one broadcast previously. We thus avoid misleading the reader, as the media and social network messages do which reproduce a project supposed to be that of the Amazigh Museum being erected north of City Hall, in front of the Wall of Remembrance, and which should not be confused with the Timitar Museum.

Until now, the latter's location was vague. We were talking, in a very general way, about the heart of the tourism sector .

Finally, the signs which hide the construction site of the Timitar museum (our photo ) have just appeared near the 5 and 4 stars hotels most south of the seaside area, more precisely between the Iberostar Founty Beach hotel, located on the edge of ocean, and the less prestigious hotels named Borjs and Timoulay and located higher up.

The Timitar Museum must be completed within 18 months, that is to say by the end of 2025. It is part of the context of the “7 Living Museums of the South ” project (our image) , of which it is supposed to be the first and announce those of Inezgane (caravans and businesses), of Taroudant, (feast and culinary arts), of Ida Ougnidif (masonry and decoration), of Aguerd Oudad (clothing), of Ameln (Tafraout) for the development of the argan tree and finally Tiznit (jewelry).

“Guardian of the soul and history of the region”, insisted on by the first of the Berbers, the president of the city and head of government Aziz Akhannouch, native of Tafraout (our photo: his residence, at interior of his hometown), the Timitar museum will contribute to making the rich Amazigh heritage known to summer visitors from large hotels who do not always have the idea of entering the deep country, which is a mistake. We will therefore give them the chance not to “tan idiots”, as the expression goes.


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