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New: La Réserve in Temsia, chic, beautiful and expensive like in Marrakech

A new high-level restaurant has just opened in Temsia, in the environment of the excellent Chems Ayour, an Arab and Berber folk meal evening offered on the road which leads from Agadir to Taroudant. It is called La Réserve and offers an exclusive place to drink, eat and dance. It's chic, it's beautiful and it's expensive, like in Marrakech .

The desire to allow Agadir to compete with the ocher city is obvious.

This objective is all the clearer as La Réserve is located not far from the Massa restaurant at Domaine Limoune, located in Sidi Boumoussa, and already considered one of the best restaurants in Souss Massa. As shown on our map, these two tables are located a few minutes from the Garden of Stars, one to the east, the other to the west. Taste buds on alert!

La Réserve presents itself as an “oasis of gastronomic experience”, trending Mediterranean cuisine, with a Moroccan touch. The drinks menu offers a wide range of cocktails, aperitifs and Moroccan and French wines as well as various spirits. Among the starters: warm fine tomato tart, salmon, crab and avocado mille-feuille, or even revisited Niçoise salad. As for dishes: plate of small stuffed dishes like in Nice, revisited tanjia, and finally pacherri burrata and gamberri rossi as the chef's signature dish. Both maps can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

Prices are not shown, except for drinks. To give you an idea, you should know that an “exceptional evening” is offered at 450 dh (42 euros) per person, with entertainment included, provided by a resident DJ (image) and singer Med Yassine.

Reservations on 0610 333 337 are essential. Access prohibited to children under 15 years old. Transportation available on request.

The choice of the name “La Réserve” is not innocent. In 1953, Agadir saw the opening with great fanfare and by the sea of a high-end restaurant displaying this identity (our image). Created on the bold plans of the architects Duhon & Bassières and associated with the Marhaba hotel of the Paquet group, La Réserve welcomed its first customers at the same time as those of the luxurious hotel Le Saada. Seven years later, these three buildings collapsed during the terrible Agadir earthquake which left some 15,000 to 16,000 people missing. This shows that the name “La Réserve” still evokes painful memories and flamboyant nostalgia today.

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