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Spectacular Danialand amusement park in Agadir: open at the end of May!

Updated: May 8

The first stage of Agadir's spectacular Danialand theme park, which will be joined next year by the giant Souss Camp campsite, will welcome its visitors for the 2024 summer holidays. The project's promoter, Abdelaziz Houays, has just declared that the opening will take place "during the second half of May". Admission prices have yet to be announced, but hundreds of people are working hard to meet the deadline. "Top-of-the-range facilities, spacious chalets, modern mobile homes, a water park with 16 pools, 14 waterslides (pictured above) and a host of facilities for young and old alike": that's what the official Danialand website announces. These attractions will be built over the six stages of the project, which will be spread out over several years. According to the promoter, by 2030, 80% of the project will have been completed. So be patient! And beware: the information released by Danialand is neither transparent nor complete.

The second phase involves extending the cable car line that goes up to the Kasbah to Danialand. This costly project will not be completed until 2024. To get to Danialand, you will have to take the road which leaves from the foot of the Kasbah, before climbing up to the amusement park (our photo). As we can see, several hideous radio-TV antennas have not yet been able to be removed, as is still the case at the Kasbah, preventing the interior of the latter from being completed.

Inspired by the success of the Atlantica park, the aquatic priority of Danialand, named Aquapark, is illustrated by this photo, taken from a drone. Seven toboggans will be open this year. As we see, one of the 16 pools will be shaped like a guitar. An indoor swimming pool will satisfy fans in winter.

Like the downhill ski slopes, the slides will include black, red, blue and green slides, depending on their speed. On the security side, Danialand announces trained lifeguards and an infirmary at the entrance to the park with medical care.

Second pillar on which the attractiveness of Danialand is based: catering. Highlight of the operation: arriving in Agadir at the end of 2022, two Airbus cabins will serve as a framework for two restaurants. However, these will not open until 2025. On the menu: French cuisine and Italian cuisine, with a view of the commercial port. The 2024 stage will only see the opening of "open-air restaurants", along with attractions, the details of which have not been specified.

The restaurants will be open until midnight. This night-time opening is intended to be a lively affair, with light shows, performances and shows accompanied by cultural and artistic entertainment sessions, alongside the daytime entertainment in the aqua park. Later stages include a park featuring miniatures of the most emblematic Moroccan buildings and go-kart tracks.

Contrary to what we had previously imagined, the stage announced for the end of May will not be marked by the provision of 500 of the 1,000 accommodation units announced.

The promoter has announced that mobile homes will at a later stage be available (our photo), chalets and pitches for motorhomes, all located north of Danialand, towards Anza, under the name Souss Camp. The target clientele is families.

The Danialand and Souss Camp project requires an extraordinary engineering organization, in order to supply the 16 basins and water the plantations, including the hundreds of palm trees already installed (our photo taken a month ago). Huge reservoirs have been built up to meet these considerable needs. According to so far unconfirmed information, the water comes from the ocean below.


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