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Surprise in Agadir: the seafront equipped with magical and ecological lighting

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Imazighen patterns.
Magic under the Kasbah of Agadir

Surprise on the seafront Agadir : just before the start of the summer season, the bay has just received new lighting that is both magical and ecological. Magic because projections of motifs inspired by local and Moroccan culture, which can be modified at will, now animate not only the promenade, but also the beach itself, to sublimate the natural setting dominated by the rehabilitated Kasbah, also enhanced by light (our photo). Ecological, because the new LED lamps consume 80% less energy compared to old installations and are more respectful of the night sky.

This new scenography is part of the renovation of the cornice and the tourist area. It bears the signature of the Lyon-based agency named Les Eclaireurs, responsible for many prestigious creations in Europe and on other continents. In Morocco, she received the mandate for the beautification of the university campus of Benguerir. She was also responsible for the design of the light of Museum of the reconstruction and memory of Agadir, whose opening, expected in 2022, is finally announced for next September.

The new luminous colored carpet, which extends over four kilometers, spectacularly completes the lighting of the public roads which appeared from the military district to Avenue Mohammed V, before extending to other arteries of the city, to make Agadir a city of light. This work was carried out with the expertise of the company Salvi, from Barcelona.

The originality of the bay lighting is that it is remotely managed, which makes it possible to control all the projectors installed and consequently create "an infinity of light scenarios in a few clicks", as noted by the project manager, the Agadir Souss-Massa Aménagement development company, acting on behalf of the local authorities. Different atmospheres can thus be offered throughout the night and on the occasion of major holidays. Our photo shows a calligraphy of Amazigh inspiration. Agadir is the first Moroccan metropolis to equip itself with this innovative system.



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