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Agadir is transforming into a cultural city: soon five museums!

For decades, Agadir has enjoyed the reputation of the most beautiful seaside town in Morocco. The extraordinary transformation underway in the Berber capital is poised to reinforce its sporting importance, but also to give it a strong cultural dimension. How? To the spectacular Grand Théâtre, whose construction work is progressing rapidly, will be added no less than five museums. Two are already in operation, the other three will follow. The Art Museum was the first to open its doors, in April 2023. King Mohammed VI is at the origin of the revival of Agadir, like other cities in Morocco. A superb painting representing him welcomes visitors to the Art Museum (our photo, with the admiring author of these lines).

The Art Museum is located in the premises previously occupied by the Amazigh Municipal Museum, at the Aït Souss passage .

A link with the Berber dimension is however preserved. Paintings, carpets (our photo), jewelry, porcelain, pottery intersect and complement each other to form a coherent and harmonious whole.

The second museum available to the public is none other than the interior of the Kasbah of Agadir Oufella (our photo). An open-air museum!

The cable cars which lead to the legendary hill which dominates the city came into operation in July 2022. The intramural course on a wooden deck (our photo ) has been accessible since February 3. The proposed route tells the history of the Kasbah and the alleys that existed before the 1960 earthquake. Absolutely exciting! Exemplary audio guide to recommend.

The next museum which should be opened is that of Reconstruction and the memory of Agadir, whose scenography looks very modern (our image ).

Located on Avenue du Général Kattani, this place of memory is also a projection into the future. Problem: its opening has been postponed time and again, the last time in September 2023. It is always announced imminent ;-)

The fourth museum is under construction, and it will not be the least (our image). Built to the north of the Town Hall and in front of the Wall of Remembrance, the Amazigh Heritage Museum will have permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, an auditorium, a public square, educational workshops, a free access library and an Amazigh restaurant. Cost of the operation: 52 million dirhams (5 million euros).

Fifth on this list, the Timitar museum, which means “Signs” in Tachelhit, will have futuristic architecture (our image).

Currently being developed, Timitar will have the originality of being located by the sea. A smart location. As a result, tourists will be prevented from sunbathing, idiots! Devoted to the symbols of Berber culture, this cultural attraction will constitute the first stage of the hoped-for circuit of the seven living museums of the South .

Five museums? In fact even more so if we consider the excellent Targant Argan Museum, in Taghazout, or the small and informative Anza Dinosaur Museum and the University Meteorite Museum.


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