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Electric cars: Tesla terminals in Agadir illustrate their progress

The Tesla company installed its first terminals in the parking lot of the Sofitel Thalassa sea and spa in Agadir (our photo ). These illustrate the progression of electric cars in the city of Aziz Akhannouch . We are also seeing more and more of these vehicles circulating in town.

The hotel car park is equipped to increase the number of its terminals to make it a site called a supercharger. We can see in our photo the bases of the future terminals.

This means that we expect an increase in demand.

Contrary to what a contributor on Google Maps says, these terminals are open to any user, and not just hotel guests, day and night (our photo ). In principle, all vehicles can be powered by Tesla terminals, at a price slightly higher than that granted by the American brand to its customers, but which remains very competitive.

From Tangier to Agadir, Tesla already has eight electricity supply sites in Morocco. For their part, motorway areas are equipped with terminals which work very well.

It is not illogical that the Kingdom is quickly adapting to electric cars when we know the development of solar power, for example in Ouarzazate , and wind power (in our photo above Tangier).


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