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The destruction of Tifnit actually announces the creation of a new “green and sustainable” Souss Massa Park

Updated: Jan 1

Occurring at the end of December 2023, the destruction of the fishing village of Tifnit was felt as a very deep wound. The emotion would perhaps have been less intense, or at least the necessary explanations given, if the authorities had spoken with the population concerned to clarify that this demolition, followed by others, notably that which took place in Sidi Toual, falls within the framework of the preparation, admittedly brutal, for the transformation of the Souss Massa National Park (see above). From Oued Souss, on the edge of the Royal Palace, to the north, at Aglou, to the south, this immense surface area of 33,800 hectares is set to become green and sustainable. The operation is carried out under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism of Fatim-Zahra Ammor, who knows the Agadir region very well for having launched the magnificent Timitar World Music Festival.

After emotion, information! The ambition of the Souss Massa National Park transformation project is high. A public-private partnership, which worked well for the Douira seawater desalination station, located precisely at the heart of the Park, is sought after. It requires an investment of 1.576 billion dirhams (approximately 160 million euros), including 200 million dirhams covered by the State.

A private investor had to be sought. According to rumors, which we were unable to obtain confirmation of, it was found and would include Qatari and Emirati capital. We provide this information without any guarantee. According to the planned timetable, the signing of a partnership agreement was to take place during the month of December. This would explain the timing of the demolitions that took place in Tifnit (photo Rachid Aït Sagh) and Sidi Toual, before continuing along the coast of the communes of Inchaden, Sidi Bibi, Massa and Sidi Wassay.

Project details? Three or four star hotels will offer nature-oriented accommodation that complements that of Agadir. Accessible by 4x4 or passenger car, "The Blue Safari" will consist of a circuit of nearly 80 km connecting Agadir to the seven sites of the park: Sidi Toual, Tifnit, Douira, Sidi Rbat (our photo), Sidi Wassay, Sidi Bou El Fedai and finally Issourh. All these sites, whose nature is superb, are mentioned on the map published above. This shows the natural resource protection zones, including the Repopulation Park located north of Tifnit, but also the traditional use zones, which occupy the largest areas.

Complete in one or more days, this circuit will include numerous stopping points. This is how it will encompass the Parc de repopulation of antelopes, gazelles and ostriches which can already be visited in the form of a mini-safari (our photo). We can observe the countless birds of the south coast of Agadir, for example at the mouth of the oued (river) Massa, including the bald ibis, which has their last colony in the world in the Souss Massa.

Villages and beaches will be on the program. The development of the Tifnit site will obviously be particularly closely scrutinized... “Entertainment zones” are announced, without further details.

The opening of the renewed Souss Mass National Park is planned for 2025. Ideally... In any case, before 2030, the year of the Football World Cup, the Morocco will be one of the organizers, with Spain and Portugal (our photo).


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