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The French language is still popular, especially in the streets of Agadir, but...

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Morocco has two national languages: Arabic and the Berber (amazigh). It is also a country much more Berber than Arab. The third most used language, and often even the second, is French, given the historic links which unite the Kingdom and the French Republic. Despite a certain current, very regrettable, slump between the respective powers of the two countries, the French language is still popular in the streets of Moroccan cities and especially in those of Agadir. As seen in the photo above taken in a district of the capital of Souss, the names of businesses remain largely in French. Here, the language of Molière is even the only one, to point out that this café and tea room with a terrace is called "Merci".

French is used to make chic, whatever the field concerned. Here, it is a butcher shop located opposite the Lalla Meryem Garden which has just been rehabilitated. Being understood by French speakers is undoubtedly a criterion, but not the first, which is also confirmed to us in this case by a French-speaking client. The butcher does not speak French.

A new phenomenon: we see more storefronts written in English than in the past, proof that this language is extending its influence, given its use throughout the world, but also given the excellent relations that the Kingdom has with its great ally, the United States, as well as with Great Britain.

What is France doing to save its place? President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte were received with great fanfare, in June 2017 in Rabat, by King Mohammed VI and his family (our photo). It was the newly elected president's first official outing outside of Europe. Morocco was then chosen in preference to the Algerian neighbor, with whom Morocco does not have good relations, to use a euphemism.

Six years have passed. How distant this visit seems! Since then, the cordiality that seemed to characterize relations between the two countries has been replaced by less positive sentiments. Despite denials, the two leaders no longer seem on the same wavelength, which saddens the proponents of good relations between France and Morocco. Emmanuel Macron's visit to Rabat has been postponed several times. And yet, like this menu in French, there would be so much to do as a "suggestion of the day" to revitalize the Franco-Moroccan couple. Starting with the choice of new TGV intended to connect Casablanca and Agadir, by Marrakech and Essaouira, while China is showing up!


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